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Message from the Juggernaut


He’s a political prisoner!

After letting this venting board of Giants thoughts and fears collect dust yet again, one might have thought this was the end.  Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration.  And the above image from an espn interview of BJ that I’ve stumbled upon in a post hazy interlude at 1 am is that gem from the football gods.  Enjoy!

In other news, the Gmen are focused and playing good football for a game and half.  If the running game and phenomenal Oline play continues, that would make the jobs of the understaffed receivers easier.  Hagan is doing what Sinorice could never do..step up and make catches. I didn’t think I’d still have to make excuses for Eli throwing picks into triple coverage 7 years in his career…but I digress.  He didn’t see that LB..and corner..and safety!

The defense is causing some turnovers and the Favre pick machine looks rather enticing.  Of course the Vikes are 4-0 in the last 4 meetings against Big Blue, so who knows.  And how bout JPP? Goff? KP? Even Canty?? Playing good ball.  The coverage and pressure is a little soft sometimes without blitzing, but can I complain with the D making big plays all over the field? Of course I can.  Some pressure with just a 4 man front wouldn’t hurt my feelings gentlemen.

-The heads at NFL network   just mentioned Perry Fewell as a candidate in Denver.  Boo-urns.

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And…moving on.

This play probably didn’t work.  But it was run 14 times.

Well that was sad.  I still have nightmares of Dwight Freeney blowing by Kareem like Braylon Edwards in a breathalyzer.  There’s really nothing positive to say about last weeks effort other than Matt Dodge’s kicks were straight and far. As says Coughlin at the end of the game.

Michael Johnson getting blown by for a deep touchdown? Check.  Dallas Clark running wild down the middle of the field? Check.  The offensive line laying down at the sight of a pass rush? Of course.  No adjustments to pretty much any of these things? Clearly.  What tis the Cialis for this limp effort?

On the bright side, players have started to mouth off as is custom after a terrible performance.  Antrelle Rolle, how about making some plays before criticizing things like the ‘travel schedule’.  Waaa. I’ve been in my hotel room too long.  Brandon Jacobs seems to enjoy summoning his inner giant angry id only when tossing his helmet at defenseless fans.  Maybe an ounce of that fury could be used while moving forward with the ball.  My prediction of BJ being the back of old are looking like my prediction that Louisiana couldn’t have two bad things happen to it.

Enough venting.  So far through two games this team has been sloppy and hasn’t shown any consistency in any phase of the game.  Hopefully this is the week something starts to come together, whether it be 60 minutes of good offense or 60 minutes of good defense.  Far be it from me to expect both.  Or a healthy dash of both with some specials mixed in. Ah, greediness.

With Chris Johnson coming to town, here’s to assuming this week more than two defensive tackles are going to dress and some sort of run defense shows up.  VY should make the dbacks lives a bit easier, though I’m sort of getting used to seeing Aaron Ross running behind someone making a catch, flailing his arms like a lost fowl.  Welcome back Aaron, how I missed you.

Until this team starts to dominate the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball, the rest of the unit isn’t going to start to gell.  This Oline has to have the pride to bounce back after such a terrible effort last week.  The defensive line, who knows. These highly paid ‘athletic’ lineman can’t seem to win one on one battles at any point.  Someone needs to step up, and I’m almost ready to rule out all the Tuck-being-a-leader talk of the summer.

But I digress.  The G-men are 1-1 and have a shot to beat a good team at home.  Sit back and lift that booze of redemption to your face.  You earned it. Mathias, please tackle VY if given the chance.  Someone step up and make some plays when the chances are there.  The coaches might want to make some adjustments sometime before the game is out of hand; assuming that Fewell will dress 2 Dbacks this week.  Gilbride, feel free to think outside the box and throw a RB in the game that can throw a block or run a screen against a relentless rush.  Coughlin, please dust off the speech you gave a young Steven Baker on a summer day in 1990 and light some fires.

Finally,  a Where Are they Now.  Did you miss Rueben Droughns?  I know I did.  After being cut by the Giants, evidently he has been growing his own ‘medicine’ and Serbia.  I still remember that clutch touchdown against the Bears in 2007 Rueben.  Keep hope alive. You are somebody.

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Manning vs. Manning II: Battle for Cooper’s love


Dad never loved you, Cooper!

Well since we’ve been basking in the sweet sauce of victory for the last week and completely ignoring the last 3 Gmen games.  Well at least ignoring the recaps.  And that trend will continue with this simply being a look forward to the Manning bowl tomorrow night.

Some random keys to the game from a hazy, recently awoken mind:

  • With all this talk of the Colts run defense, you have to figure they are going to come in determined to stop the run. What does that mean? Probably no changes from a defense scheme aspect, but maybe a safety cheating down into the box on run downs.  If we get decent field position the first drive, a great first play would be a play action pass down the field to loosen the Colts up.  Similar to what the Gmen pulled out in Dallas in 2008.
  •  Speaking of all the run game talk for the Colts and their alleged Super Bowl hangover, lets be serious. This team is still very good and very capable of winning 12 games.  The Colts have had run defense issues in the last several years and it doesn’t seem to affect whether they win or lose.
  • What kind of defensive wrinkles is Perry going to break out?  At this point it has to be a fruitless activity to attempt to confuse Peyton.  What hasn’t he seen?  I would look for variety in the front 7 on the defensive side.  Kiwi was all over the place last week and I would expect even more movement from him as well as the other down lineman.  I’m also fairly sure the base 4-3 defense will be shelved at least for one week.  Lets be honest, do the COlts even have a FB?
  • Which leads to the issue of extra safeties and corners.  Last week the Giants went with 3 safeties (Grant/KP/Rolle) at times instead of an extra corner and this week should be no different.  With Ross back, the Giants can go at least 4 deep to Bruce Johnson before going for an extra safety.  However, I wouldn’t mind seeing either 3 corners and 3 safeties instead of seeing Johnson in the game struggling to comprehend whats happening.
  • Defensively, does anything the Colts do at this point surprise anyone?  Peyton has been running the same offense for 10+ seasons, so you have to figure its similar routes and patterns at this point.  The execution is what separates this team from the rest.  Giants defenders have to keep this in mind and PLAY YOUR MAN/ZONE!  This isn’t a game where I think defensive schemes are going to win it for the Giants. It has to be execution by the players on the field.  This Oline is vulnerable, and the Giants highly touted line has to make plays.  The Gmen have to win the one on one battles.
  • The run game was inconsistent last week at home, and this week it has to be much more even keeled.  Examples?  First half last week, bad runs weren’t just 1 or 2 yard gains, they where 5 yard losses.  We cannot see 2nd and 15 all day again.  This Colts fast/quick defense relies on those long yardage situations to make plays, so the run game has to make sure of making positive yardage on plays that aren’t going to break big.  Consistency!
  • Oline…see above.  How can the pass protection be so good last week and the run blocking be so sub par?  It would be nice to see the Giants line up in 22 personal and pound the ball for positive yardage to establish the line of scrimmage.
  • Third receivers vs. Nickel CB:
    Manningham vs. Jacob Lacey/Deshea Townsend:  Manningham has the talent to take most 3rd CB’s if his head is in the game. He has a chance to make a huge impact if he can make plays down the field in 3 receiver sets.

            Austin Collie vs. Aaron Ross/Deon Grant/B.Johnson:  I’d expect Peyton to test Ross early since this is his first game action in a long time.  He trusts Collie and Collie has rewarded him with making plays.  Ross and the safety/corner combo has to make sure they are not getting burned by Collie or Anthony Gonzalez. 

  • Who covers Dallas Clark?  TE’s are the bane of the Giants defense (along with B.Westbrook) and this guy is a stud.  I would expect to see Mr. Rolle or a corner taking him down the field.  Plays where he is crossing in the shallow middle, will the LB’s break down and make plays?  Lookin at you Boley.
  • Speaking of TE’s, the Giants lovable piece of glass K.Boss is done for this one.  So seeing that the TE is usually a nice weapon against a Cover 2….this might be time for Travis Beckhum to make some plays.  He will have opportunities to cut under the deep MLB for the Colts and be there for some completions.  This guy has shown the fans pretty much nothing so far, so this would be a nice time to show up and make some plays.

 This game is going to be tough matchup.  The Colts are a great team, and reports of their demise may be premature. They are playing at home after dropping their first game.  They are going to come out hot and firing.  It’s a great measuring stick for the Gmen this early in the year.  The improvement in the pass defense, if its real, will be on display against one of the best ever.  We probably won’t see Peyton tossing up some floating gifts into the end zone like Matt Moore, so a more complete game is needed this week. Sloppiness was taking over at times last week, so this game should show how this team is going to play against the best the league has to offer.

If the Giants play a solid error free game and make the plays on defense they made last week, there’s going to be a great chance of winning.  The passing game was on the money last week, and playing indoors in Indy should make them even better. Talent wise the matchup is fair….execution wise, the Gmen need to show they can play with the best.


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Rooney’s vs. Mara’s: Kate Mara Bowl

“Okay, punching isn’t your thing.  But that’s okay.  You’re not
       that kind of fighter.  What you’re gonna do is stand there while
       your opponent gets exhausted from over-punching.”

The Rhett Bomar era has officially begun! The long anticipated start for former Sooner Bomar has finally come to fruition. I knew I bought this bottle of Blue Label for a reason. With the offense line being spotty with injuries, it would be unfair to judge Bomar only on this performance, but its America baby..instant gratification.  Some quick beer induced game thoughts for your melon: 

  •  Deihl was moved into the guard spot today and Beatty manned the tackle spot.  Beatty seemingly missed a few blitz pickups, but its impossible to say if those rushers where his responsibility.  Still, some poor blitz pickup for the second straight week.
  • CWeb with a nice pick following the ball in the air. Nice play.  The bad?  Ben had about 20 minutes to throw the ball, and that is usually a bad sign. 
  • Nice job by Nicks getting tossed in the first 2 minutes.  At least throw some punches.  Ike Taylor beat on him like Santino Corleone beating Carlo in front of his stoop.
  • Some improvement by Matt Dodge as the game went on, but the first two punts were terrible.  Line drives with no hangtime and easily returnable.  He did boom a nice 55+ yarder later in the game. Consistency.
  • 12 min mark in the 2nd quarter. 3rd and 14.  Aaron Ross needs to play tighter than that. A plainly simple completion for Ben on third and long.
  • Great goal line stand on that same drive.  Giants goal line package looked good here and the last drive of the half.  Way to hold teams to FG’s…this was a good pattern continuing from last game.
  • Did Steve Smith get jealous of Mr. Cruz’s in-the-air ball adjustments? Great catch along the left side of the field, following the ball and adjusting over the corner. This guy is the Truth.
  • Nice bounce outside by AB on his run to the pylon.  Boss sealing the side with a great block and Hagan knifing in from the same side to block the angle. Beautiful. Does this mean we can run in the red zone again?
  • Keith Bullock: 6 snaps. 1 big tackle.  19 bars on his facemask.
  • Aaron Ross had a nice return on the 44 yard punt return in the second quarter. That should have been a touchdown if #37 Courtney Brown could have blocked the punter.  The punter! For shame, Courtney.
  • Where was the safety help on that Byron Sandwich touchdown?  Terrible. All too familiar. Mr. Greco, that ones gonna get called out in the film room.
  • First two drives of the second half where terrible for the defense.  Bad tackling. Bad angles. Bad lining up before the snap. Ugly.
  •  Adrian Tracy had a few good plays in the backfield in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter. One play on third down behind the line in particular was excellent.
  • Andre Brown – Still not impressed with the kick returning skills. However he had a good day running the ball with a nice bounce outside for 21 yards in the 2nd.  He had some nice pickups in the shotgun draw play that Gilbride sleeps with under his pillow.
  • Cruz?  2 catches for 30 yards. He had a nice adjustment to a ball thrown in the first half, but wasn’t able to haul it in.  Sinorice must have felt the heat since he decided to put on a uniform and catch a ball for 11 yards.
  •  Have to say I was impressed by Dennis Dixon. Good command of the huddle and the offense and showed some accuracy on throws. Even handled a broken play well, as he bootlegged outside and set up some blocks for a nice gain.

Overall a decent performance.  Blitz pickup seems to be an issue still, but it very well may be because the line is not at full strength. Running game was a little improved, with some big runs on cutbacks. The defense played much better in the first half. Made timely stops and got some good penetration on some plays. Game to game improvement is big, so this was a positive step.

I thought Bomar played ok.  He had some decent moments. He seems to have a live arm and good pocket presence. The kid is not afraid to take a hit to the grill.  However, he is very spotty with the accuracy.  Too many tight throws (slants/outs/etc) where the ball needs to be at a spot where its overthrown.  His pick looked to be a ball that was a little too far ahead on the slant to Mario.  He looks like he still has a ways to go before displacing Sorgi.  But good experience to put in his satchel o’ football knowledge.

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Bring on the Steelers

Hit me in the face! Again!

With trashtalk as intense as a Howell beer pong game, the preseason opener couldn’t get here fast enough.  Or could it?  After the requisite ESPN grundle licking of Rex’s crew, the game finally came. And much like Chris Carter’s grammer, it was ugly.  Some quick observations from Game 1 of the Giants rollercoaster for the year:

– The first team offense was not impressive.  Even though the line was depleted and Steve Smith was out, I expected some semblance of an organized professional offense.  Eli and the starters could really get nothing done.  The run game with Ahmad starting and BJ coming off the pine was going nowhere.  The passing game was equally awful save a catch by Nicks and the 50+ broken play to Bradshaw. 

Eli getting destroyed on the audible in the ‘green zone’ was a thing of sheer circus music-like farce.  Though Eli says it was his fault, who knows?  BJ and Eli have to be on the same page by now at the line.  Lets hope this is a momentary misstep and not the reason BJ is on the second team.  My life flashed before my eyes when Calvin Pace killed Eli’s blindside.

The line throughout the first half seemed to have no answers for all out blitzes or even safeties coming down.  There were all too many free shots at Eli and especially Sorgi.

– First team defense?  Eh.  Rolle made an immediate statement after the Sanchize threw ill advised throw into double coverage and got it popped up.  Other than that highlight play, the defense left a little to be desired.  The Jets put together some nice drives with a good run and pass mix that yielded some big chunks.  Seeing some LB’s getting beaten on crossing routes by RB’s was all too familiar.  But I shan’t panic right?  Its game 1 of a brand new system. It’ll take into the season to get it completely right. It’ll be fine. It’s still good. It’s still good. More beer.

On the plus side, the defense did hold the Jets to FG’s.

– Specials? Ha! Dodge had a punt blocked and according to MG, hangtime of .01 on one punt. Not good. He has a leg, but much like my velourious Dodge Dynasty, he might just not have it in him. Can hang time really be taught?
– Nice back to back plays by Dillard and Linval in the second quarter. Linval looks like could be something quality.  Dillard had a play where he was destroyed across the middle by the Jets RB on a third down. He did show some legs on that play though, so maybe with more experience he can make that play.  JPP looks huge, fast, and a man with a sack.

– The plays where Sorgi could actually stand upright for more than 2 seconds, he made some decent throws. Way to stay in the pocket and take a big shot, something David Carr couldn’t seem to do.  Of course, as a result, he’s now injured for 3 weeks.

– Some big cushions on pass plays.  Is this the zone? My god.

– Victor Cruz! I’ve drank the kool-aid, but that’s probably because I’ve been brewing the Anti-Sinorice kool-aid in my bathroom for the last 2 months. Cruz made some great catches and showed great adjustment on balls in the air.  Of course, Sinorice has had some nice preseason performances  himself. Cruz’s catches came against Colemen and Dwight Lowry, who are significant pieces of the Jets defense, so that was a great sign.

– Andre Brown…welcome back to football.  Of course, the blocked punt falls right on his shoulders as does the complete lack of kick returns.  However, he did have some decent runs in the second half.  Since most of the run game was iffy, I can’t blame it only on this guy.


Break out your Dom Randolph QB jerseys for the Steelers game this Saturday. Keith Bullock and Kenny Philips will be playing which is great news. 

So will Big Ben…hide your daughters folks.

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Camp Review

The staff here at GiantSpeculation have returned from Giants training camp in beautiful  Albany, NY informed, enthused, and infested with disease. At this point doctors say I am more virus than host.

Things I learned (about the Giants)…..

  • The most significant difference between this year’s camp and last year’s (besides the stifling absence of Darcy Johnson) was the tempo on defense. Perry Fewell loves football as much as Bill Sheridan loves quiet moments of contemplative solitude. This dude was all over the field; barking orders, blocking on interceptions, doing back flips, instructing spin classes, slapping player’s asses. And his energy was infectious. The defense looks good.
  • The secondary is going to eat lightning and crap thunder this year. With the addition of Antrel Rolle, the expected return of Kenny Phillips, and improved play at corner the secondary has gone from our biggest liability to our biggest strength. Now granted I predicted CC Brown was going to be a solid starter last year but we all make mistakes (see last year’s other mistake). Antrel Rolle brings a refreshing aggressive attitude to last year’s meek secondary. During camp he broke up several passes including a deep pass from Eli to Nicks. Kenny Phillips returns today and he looked eager to contribute from sidelines all camp. He listened in on every huddle and just generally looked like he had an itch to contribute. Another player that looked good at camp was Michael Johnson. Last year he did not play well but hopefully that was just CC’s infectious stink. With Deon grant providing reliable depth and leadership the safety position is locked down. Sorry Michal Greco.
  • The corners looked superb (just Adam Schefter who was at camp this weekend). Long are the days where Corey Webster was a question mark at corner and now he is simply an after-thought. He has the top spot locked down and deservedly so. He looked solid on Saturday with a pick six off Eli while covering Nicks. The other starting corner spot is possibly the best position battle in camp. I assumed after Terrell Thomas’ breakout season last year he had it locked down. And he still looked good with a PD on Eli while covering Ramses the Pharaoh. But Aaron Ross is arguably the stud of the camp. I was worried how he would perform under Fewell’s defense but he is thriving. He was making plays all over the field and has looked the healthiest of his career. Thoughts of him moving to safety are long gone. But it does still concern me that he has been returning punts alongside Moss, Tim Brown, and Rolle.

Read More…

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4 Days in…

Camp rumors and ramblings from around the dubya dubya dubya have made the mundane work hours staring at the computer screen somewhat worthwhile again.  Of course one piece of near tragic news snapped me out of ogling the girls of the work-unblocked Sears catalog this week.  Loosing Hakeem would have a rough blow on any the news that he’s good to go is a missed calamity.  Breathe.  I’d thank god but he hates me for stealing his likeness off of lawns and partaking in debauchery bathed in his warm glow. 

The news has generally been positive out of camp so far as expected.  Pro athletes other than Albert Haynesworth probably should look good in tshirt and shorts practice.  Some of the alignments that have been discussed as possibilities on the Dline have been interesting. 

Pat Kirwan at Giants camp on Monday this week mentioned the possibility of using Canty as a DE on run situations as a better option than the more lithe Osi or Kiwi.  Using a 5 man front chatter has also been detected, much like last year.  Even news of the usual camp stars, Sinorice and Goff, has been as ever-present as always.

– Osi talked about being the possibility of being a backup and vowed to be the ‘best bench player ever’.  He seems to be content in his role on the team and comfortable in the defense, which is a positive.  Is this sincere or bs?  I’d have to err on the side of sincere only because the whole story with Osi being so unhappy appeared to be blown up a little by the media. 

 The man was pissed he was benched. Who wouldn’t be?  He even declared he’d retire rather than come of the bench, which is clearly just hyperbole.  In addition of hip issue, the rotation should be a good thing for Osi and the rest of the defensive line because of the injury history and wear and tear.   The rotation is key and honestly just renders who the ‘starter’ is to just a prestige thing.  There should be a lot of plays to go around.

– Steve Smith vowed revenge on Michael Johnson.  Michael Johnson fires back with shot about the Pro Bowl.  Who doesn’t like this?  Hilarious addition to this burgeoning rivalry with the Panthers.  The only problem is that revenge for Smith might have to come on a random sideline brawl since MJ will most likely be sittin on that brand spanking new Meadowlands bench.

– Plaxico back in the Giants uniform?  Can there really be a chance of this?  It seems that Plax’s problem even before he kept it so ‘real’ was his inability to follow the basic rules of the team.  The team voluntarily suspended him pre-shooting, so who is to say they are going to take a 33 year old prison hardened Plax back?  Unlikely.  Unless they need someone to show the team how to make a shank out of a toothbrush or wine out of a bag of orange peels on a radiator.

– The defensive feedback so far has been all positive.  Perry Fewell has gotten rave reviews for his enthusiasm and planned on ‘mixing schemes’ and such. Lets all take a step back and remember these words sound very familiar.  It’ll be a while until people can buy into this defense as being back to its elite form.  Maybe some games and even wins might help. 

Fewell’s specialty is the secondary and pass coverage and so far out of camp the CBs and safeties have all reportedly been playing well.  Webster, Rolle, TT and even Bruce Johnson has been mentioned in many a training camp day review.  Lets hope this all translates onto the field like the coming together of a coffee and a cigarette.

GiantSpeculation hits the road tomorrow for the annual trip to U of Albany.  Beware cutters and fatty’s.  Time to get saucy and try to convince a stripper to ignore picking up her child at 3 am and come back to my hotel for adult fun time only to be rejected and end up in a Dunkin Donuts begging for donuts at 4 am.  Ah if those fields could talk.   

Next stop…training camp baby!

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Camp Preview: Defense


This position is going to be a major spotlight area for this team after the disaster of pass defense last season.  CWeb and Terrell Thomas look like they are going to be the opening day starters.  Webster played great football until parts of last season for 2 and half straight seasons, so I expect him to be back in full form.  Terrell Thomas showed last year he can be an impact player when given the chance, and its seems like he has beaten Ross for this spot.

Aaron Ross is a key piece in this unit.  If he can recover all the way from his injury prone past, he can be a very effective player.  He will probably never be a completely dominating defender, but he can be a playmaker.  The question with Ross is if his body can withstand the punishment.  Seems to be a popular question on this roster, no?

Bruce Johnson, DJ Johnson and Courtney Brown are competing for the next spots.  Bruce Johnson had moments last year that he looked like he was far ahead of the curve mixed in with moments any non drafted rookie would have.  Brown has played some in Dallas over the last couple seasons.

An important factor in the success of this unit will be the scheme the defense ultimately goes with. If the corners are playing off zone coverage, it will remain to be seen how effective they can be.  The fans have seen success in man to man situations with this group, so the jury is out on how much time is needed to adjust to the new scheme.


Well it’s probably safe to conclude that since we have more safeties than corners, it must be an area of concern.  At this point, despite the early optimism over Kenny Philips’ knee,it seems the starters are going to be Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant.  Rolle is the guy with the pressure since the Gmen gave him a huge deal for a safety to bring his anti-C.C Brown game to town.  Deon might be a big signing as the year goes on.  He is a quality vet who hasn’t missed a game in his career.

Kenny Philips should be on the mend till a few games into the season.  Hopefully, he can continue on the path he was on to big things, but that may be a pipe dream.  Michael Johnson is fighting to keep a spot on a roster where he was a starter not too long ago. 

Michael Greco, Rashad Shareef and Seth Williams have a fight on their hands.  Shareef made the practice squad last season.

Chad Jones…till next year. Maybe.


There seems to be an outline of who is going to start at the LB’s, but that isn’t putting anyone at ease.  At this point, looks like the starters are going to be Boley, Keith Bullock and Clint Sintim.  Boley looked good in limited action last season.  As with most positions, his health is a question mark. 

Bullock is a x factor. If his knee is fully recovered, he can be a playmaker in the middle.  We know he can provide leadership..the question is whether his sideline to sideline speed is still there after surgery at age 33.  It’s a relatively small risk since the Giants can release him for minimal dough.

Sintim is a player with upside but is still raw and unproven.  He is a guy that I can see easily being outplayed for the WLB spot in camp if he is not on his game.  Gerris Wilkenson will be in the competition for this spot, but lets be honest, he’s sure to come up short. Or get hurt in the first 2 minutes.

The rookie Dillard,  Zak DeOssie and Chase Blackburn will fight it out to back up the middle.  This season would be a good time for some improvement from Bryan Kehl and Jonathan Goff.  They should have plenty of chances to compete in camp. 

Adrian Tracy, the other rookie, will probably make the roster as well.  Kenny Ingram is probably just a guy.

There will be a good amount of competition at the LB and should be one of the better battles in camp.  Bullock and Boley seem to have at least two spots locked, but if another player steps up and seizes the moment, I can see any of these spots being up for grabs.

This will also be a the last chance for a couple of players who have been on the roster for a few seasons without accomplishing much.

Defensive Ends

Justin Tuck not only makes horrible Subway commercials, he will also be a starting DE in this defense this season.  The other spot seems to be a battle between Mathias Kiwanuka and Osi.  Kiwi has the upper hand from his performance last season, but Osi with his hip issues is still going to fight for the spot he thinks is his.

When healthy, I still think Osi is a better player than Kiwi, but his game in camp will tell the tale.  Kiwi will not give up his well earned starting spot easily.

I don’t expect much from JPP this season outside of situational pass rushing chances.  He will have a good chance to learn from accomplished players while he learns his craft.  He can backflip all the way to Dunkin Donuts to bring the vets breakfast.

Tollefson continues to outwork others to keep his spot over the last few seasons. Tommie Hill and Ayanga Okpokowuruk (naga..naga…nagana work here anymore) will fight it out for the last spots of pine. 

Defensive Tackles

Starters mean little at this position.  The Gmen seem stacked here with numerous large fat men to clog the middle of the field.  Expect the top line players to be some combo of Chris Canty, Jay Alford, and Cofield.  Lets hope Canty lives up to his hype and brings the pain this season for Olineman. 

Rocky Bernard was terrible last year, but will get a chance to show he is recovered and ready to contribute.  Rook Linval Joseph, Nate Collins and Dwayne Hendricks bring up the rear.  Joseph is a strong beast of a man, so maybe he might surprise some people in camp.

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Albany time baby!



This is truly Eli’s offense now and he has shown that he can handle the pressure of the biggest moments.  His camp needs to be about his leadership and consistency.  Chemistry with the receivers is key, and with this group it seems to be growing every year.  Thank jesus we don’t need to hear about Shockey and Plax working out in Miami anymore.

Jim Sorgi seems to be the backup. What is there to say other than if Eli goes down its all over. OVER.  I had more confidence with Carr or even Kent Graham.  Rhett Bomar? He better make the roster with his performance, or he will be gone. Please beat Sorgi.

Running Backs/Full Backs

The success of the backfield is going to depend on their ability to come back strong after going under the knife.  Jacobs is coming off offseason surgery after proclaiming that his foot was giving him issues all last season.  The doubters have come out of the woodwork proclaiming that Jacobs is overrated and slow.  If the Oline comes back stronger this season and BJ hits the hole with toughness and burst like he did in the past, I think he has a chance to get back to his 900 – 1000 yard seasons.  If Jacobs and have productive touches, life is much easier for the rest of the stable. 

Ahmad Bradshaw’s challenge this year will be to stay healthy for the whole season.  When healthy, which seems to be rare, Bradshaw looks like a starter on most teams. However with last years injuries to both knees, he needs to show he can handle a big workload and actually keep his body intact.

Between Gartrell Johnson and DJ Ware, I would have to go with Gartrell only because Ware has been on this team for multiple years and has done absolutely nothing.  Gartrell is nothing special, but has a nice physical running style.  Andre Brown is a guy who has sparked some optimistic chatter, but its hard to buy in when this man’s ACL’s are like worn down rubber bands.

Madison Hedgecock is an animal.  Jerome Johnson…you probably won’t be here long.

Offensive Line

There should be some quality competition going on in camp in the trenches.Of course there are a few givens on the O line that was touted as one of the best in the league just a year ago until a subpar runblocking year last season. Shaun O’Hara is the man at center.  Chris Snee is a given at guard.  Kareem McKenzie? Eh…maybe.  It seems that Kareem is probably still the starting RT, though perhaps Guy Whimper or Adam Koets might push him in camp.

One of the more interesting battles is going to be William Beatty and David Diehl.  It doesn’t seem to me that Diehl is as bad as people make him out to be at the LT spot, however he is going to have a fight on his hands.  Beatty is getting a lot of hype, so lets see how he responds.  If he wins the spot, all indications point to Diehl kicking inside and Seubert to the pine. 

This unit has a lot to prove this season after not playing up to their standards last year.  If they can get better, expect the run game to be back to its dominate self if the backs stay healthy. 

Mitch Petrus probably isn’t going to contribute much this year other than being a bringer of donuts, coffee and hookers.  Dennis Landolt, Herb Taylor and Jim Cordle could provide some bodies to beat on for the Dlineman in camp.

Wide Receivers

This is the most solid group of pass catchers the Giants have had in recent memory. Maybe longer. We know that Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith are the starting pair.  Smith played outrageous last year with his over a hundo performance.  Dare I say he’s the Truth?  Its amazing that Eli looks for him on third down constantly and he still manages to get open.  Nicks had a great rookie year and looks poised to be a big playmaker this year.  These two should be a handful for defenses.

The third spot is going to be interesting. All signs point to Mario having a bigger impact this season after putting up good numbers a year ago. If these mysterious ‘head/concentration’ issues we constantly hear about get resolved this season, this guy can really emerge.  Can he run routes inbounds more often than 85% of the time?

Ramses Barden is probably the most intriguing reciever on the roster.  The guy is a monster physically, and if he can put it somewhat together he would provide a big red zone target.  I expect the pharaoh to show up this year, at least in situational packages. 

The rest of the cast gets a bit murky.  Sinorice Moss will probably make the final roster…but why?! Expect to hear that he’s having a great camp per usual this season, only to disappear come actual football.  He has had some chances to seize a receiver spot in the past two seasons and has made no moves so is this the breakout? Nah.  Derek Hagan beat Sinorice for playing time in spots last year, and this year probably will be the same.  Hagan also earns his coin on specials.  A guy that can compete for one of these bottom spots is Tim Brown.  He is as tiny as Moss, so why not replace a tiny fast guy with another tiny fast guy?  Brown overall was more productive in college at the ‘gers than Moss at the U.

The Dreamers:

Jake Ballard
Duke Calhoun
Victor Cruz
Adam Jennings

 Tight Ends

The Bossman is clearly the man in this group.  Boss can be a beast in the passing game if he gets more opportunities.  With the receivers the Giants can put on the field, his best chances will probably in 2 WR spots. He put up 42 catches last year so he is still one of Eli’s favorites.  Boss’s biggest issue is his blocking which is only marginal.  Travis ‘Bickle’ Beckum has the same blocking shortcomings, thought he is a pretty athletic pass catching prospect. 

Scott Chandler and Bear Pascoe round out this group.  One of these two better be hitting the blocking sled hard because that is the ticket to making the roster this season.  Lets pull for Bear…because his name is freakin Bear.

Two Words: Darcy Johnson

We’ll miss you at camp.



NFC Championship game survivor Lawrence Tynes returns as the kicker.  Tynes gives fans emotional punches to the face with his erratic kicking, but at this point he seems to be the best option.  Kickers however are expendable, and Tynes has been here for 3 seasons, so he’s seat is perpetually warm.


Sadly, God has decided that Jeff ‘Coffin Kickin’ Feagles will no longer be our punter. God or Feagles himself, whatever. Matt Dodge is the rook the Giants are starting camp with.  Scared yet?  I fear the rookie punter after so many years of Feagles’ steady kicking.  Dodge is on thin ice even before venturing onto the field because he is a punter and punters are interchangeable if/when they start to struggle.  Any sign of not being the real deal, and the Giants will probably reach out to the nearest pro sitting on their couch.

Return man

A clear spot to make the team here for any young fast return man.  After Hixon unfortunately went down for the season in minicamp (Screw you Timex! ) the position is wide open.  Aaron Ross has openly been campaigning for the job, though he is already fragile, and taking shots from guys running 60 yards full tilt seems…kinda dumb.  Not to mention the fact that I have Jason Sehorn memories. They keep me up on Tuesdays.  There will be a wide open competition for both punt and kick returner in camp and should be a good one to watch.  Can someone replace the impact return plays Hixon made?


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Sad Days of Summer

“You have to understand how I feel,” Steinbrenner once said after he was caught cursing by TV cameras during a playoff loss in 1980. “There are 5 million Yankee fans just like me sitting in front of TV sets with beer and hollering the same thing … I want this team to win. I’m obsessed with winning, with discipline, with achieving. That’s what this country’s all about, that’s what New York’s all about — fighting for everything, a cab in the rain, table in a restaurant at lunchtime — and that’s what the Yankees are all about.” – SI

Following Sunday’s passing of N.Y Yankee and Football Giants’ legend Bob Sheppard, even sadder news emerged this morning from Yankee stadium.  The Boss has passed away.

I know this is a Giants/Football/Baseballsucks blog, but the passing of such a giant of a man in sports has to be acknowledged here. George Steinbrenner was the epitome of what an owner should be in professional sports. His decisions can be questioned, his ethics and humanity up for debae, but no one can deny that he was after one goal his whole life: winning. 

Isn’t that all that can be asked of any owner? The desire to win day in and day out and compete for a championship every season?  Big Stein was a polarizing figure, and people loved to hate him, but for any Yankee fan, he was as good as it gets.  He bought a struggling Yankee franchise in 1973 for 8.8 million (really?!) and died today with one of the most recognizable brands in world sports worth an estimated 1.8 Billion. 

Steinbrenner should be remembered for his 7 rings, 11 pennants and in general having a team that was in contention every season.  He will of course be eulogized by some for just being plain crazy and hiring/firing people on a whim, but at the end of the day, he has done more for baseball than any other modern owner.  As mentioned by Tim Kurkjian on ESPN, his luxury tax dollars going to the small market teams has kept many of them afloat and in contention.  He has never hesitated to spend obscene money when he sees the end game of a ring in the distance.  Is there any doubt where Mebron would be playing if he were a baseballer?

People like to compare Stein and Jerry Jones as his football equivalent.  I would hold off on that for a while.  If the Cowboys at the end of the JJ era have the success the Yankees have had, then any Cowboy fan should look back and embrace their owner the same way Yankee fans have for years.  I admire Jerry Jones for wanting to win so bad it literally looks like it ages him; even though his decisions leave a lot to question. We all know the Boss would have hired Jimmy Johnson back as soon as Quincy Carter showed his face in Dallas.

George Steinbrenner will be missed by any sports loving person in the NY/NJ area.  Personally, he has been a part of the sports sphere of NY for my whole life, so its sad to see him go.   Though he will never be remembered with the dignity and quiet confidence of Wellington Mara, he will be remembered for being the reason the Yankees are the Yankees.  I don’t think there is any better tale to reflect this team’s influence than when I asked my Uncle in India if he wanted to see a baseball game when he came to the states.  Wading through his knowledge of cricket, soccer and poverty, he asked me with no prompting…Is it going to be a N.Y Yankee game?

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