Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 01/27/2010

o whats goin on cyberspace…

Well which hard-core new york giants fan hasn’t sat around, preferably on work time, reading random football analysis written by just about anyone with a computer and thought…I can’t buy that. Only management-type guys with big salaries like me can afford things like that.

Wait…..Guys like me! I’m a guy like me! 

Of course any of us that actually watch the games closely and love this team like a third world baby loves a UN care package can have some sort of sane, rational analysis right? You would think so. And yet so much if it out there is lacking on anything resembling quality. So like any fan with too much time, an inflated sense of self and the glorious intergoogle technology ( in lieu of flying car turning into suitcase), why not rant?

It was a tough year this year, with the defense playing some of the worst ball we’ve ever played in the streets of jersey.  No playoffs.   However, how you react to this is your true measure of a giants fan.  If you’re panicking and want people fired and all out change, you must be new to the party.  We’ve seen a lot worse people…before this four year run of playoff appearances, the Gmen have never appeared in the playoffs four times in a row since the merger.

There are quite a few reasons to be optimistic….this wasn’t that long ago.


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