Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 01/28/2010

Sheridan is back..and working for Jimmy Buffet

Moments ago, NFL network analyst Mike Mayock just dropped a humorous soundbite.  Showing his pre show dossier is thicker than imagined, he dropped this nugget about new Dolphins inside LB coach Bill Sheridan and new Dolphin D coordinator Mike Nolan at the Senior Bowl:

“To me, these two are among the best defensive coaches in the league. ”

Now I’m not saying they are terrible (though with Sheridan I might just do that)..but do we have to say they are the best? Or even may walk among them?  We’re looking at two guys who were both fired this year. Sheridan who took the 5th ranked defense and made it the 13th (and we know thats generous).  He went from the D coordinator of one of the best defenses to AN INSIDE LB COACH! Who are you? Ron Rivera? Not every player or coach has to be the best…or the worst…they could just be somewhere inbetween..where 90% of everyone is.

Though Mayock isn’t by far the worst offender of this…the fact that Bill Sheridan and ‘Best’ were used in the same sentence brought out deep and angry feelings in my soul.

Well Mayock isn’t all bad.  He was a safety for our football Giants in 1982 & 1983, contributing a solid 0 tackles and 1 punt return for 9 yards in 9 games.  Then Bill Parcells decided to replace him with…you know….talent.


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