Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 01/28/2010

Shockey hurt? Never!

Former Giants star Jeremy Shockey  ‘twittered’ yesterday that he was on a flight back from Birmingham, Alabama.  As all football fans know, B’ham is where Dr. James Andrews office is..and all fans shutter whenever any player heads down there.  Reports are that he will be able to play come Super Sunday.

Of course we remember a young angry TE throwing down red bulls at the big game why just 2 years ago.  Not talkin about you Big Darcy!  I still love Shockey the player…hes a beast in the 27 minutes of the season he’s healthy.  It wasn’t  him getting hurt that made Eli better; it was the emergence of a third receiver, our guy Steve Smith. Every time he talked smack to B.Dawk after beating him like an Irish wife, I smiled even if we were down by 2 touchdowns.

Though we can’t all agree…we can agree on one thing: We all hated Tim Carter


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