Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 01/28/2010

Smith Joins Exclusive Club…not NRA

The way most people talk about Plaxico Burress, you’d think in addition to being a sharpshooter, he is also a ProBowl wideout and all around game changer.  In stark reality, Plax was a headcase who put up a top total of 76 catches in 2005 for the Gmen.  He always seemingly fell short of his what his abilities would dictate; though defenses did need to account for him and he made some big big plays.

The ‘other’ receiver from the stacked USC team of 2005 (Hello Dwayne Jarrett? Its me, God..where are you?) , Steve Smith, happened to be the guy that finally broke through to the ProBowl for the Giants..the first one since the legend of Homer Jones.  This guy is the opposite of Plax; quiet, reliable, and playing beyond what we all thought his skill set would allow.

107 Catches,  good for second in the league. 11+ yards a catch plus 57%  of these are first downs.  The stats reflect how reliable this guy has become.  Unlike Desean Jackson, playing him with a safety (not named C.C) over top is not just enough.  Desean has only 100 yards less, but over 30 less catches.  Desean is big plays, but Smitty is consistent and precise in his routes. I expect this guy to keep improving, if thats even possible.  A Giants WR with over 100 catches?  What a world.

Congrats Steve….now teach Mario something!

Behold:  the inventor of the spike

Went by the name of Homer.  Seven feet
tall he was, with arms like tree trunks.
His eyes were like steel,cold, hard.
Had a shock of hair, red like the fires of Hell.


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