Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 01/29/2010

Former grocer/Giants QB seat warmer Warner to Retire

Most of the football world expects former league MVP and all around good guy Kurt Warner, he of the former shelf stacking fame,  to announce his retirement from the league Friday.  Warner made a brief appearance as a Giant, in 2004, regulating Eli to clipboard status his rookie year.  Though widely seen as a failure here, lets be honest: this guy had no chance.  He had the team at 5-4 before giving way to the inevitable Manning era. 

Taking into consideration he came from a dome team as a timing and precision passer, his stats of over 2000 yards and over 60% completion rate in 9 games as a starter was not bad in the wind tunnel of Giants stadium.  More than simply his stats however, Warners silent acceptance of the backup role to a rookie who resembled one of the 17-year-old stockboys at Costco’s was admirable.  How many league MVP’s would be so quiet?

If it is in fact the end (with QB’s who knows?), Warner will leave the game a borderline Hall of Famer with a reputation of showing fans of two of the NFL’s darkest franchises, the Cards and the Rams, much success.  His fan base, from Eli,  the people of St. Louis and Arizona, clerks at supermarkets everywhere, and of course Jesus…will miss his game. The man can still fling it.

Try not to f’ this up, 10.


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