Posted by: giantspeculation | 01/29/2010

Perry & Papa

Just checked out the Perry Fewell interview with the Papa (I swear this guy narrates my dreams). Some of my initial thoughts on Fewell:

  • It’s pronounced Fuel not Few-L.
  • Energy! This dude is smiley. I mean like a 16 year old me at my first strip club smiley. He is 47 but seems even younger. His enthusiasm reminds me of Spags. I kind of hope this guy chooses to stay on the sidelines because his energy alone will be a change of pace. Sheridan was more cerebral (code for non-athlete) and his relationship with players was possibly problematic. But Fewell’s passion could be a breath of fresh air on and off the field and hopefully will lead to the type of strong relationship Spags had with his guys.
  • He describes his style as aggressive, using multiple fronts. He wants to build his scheme around his personnel not the other way around. He’s excited about the players he has already. He expects discipline and accountability.
  • He has a lot of respect for the NFC East. He has mentioned a few times about how this division is what football is all about.
  • Some of his mentors are Woody Widenhofer (Former Steelers DC. Fewell worked for him at Vanderbilt as his Asst HC and taught him pro game.), Bob Sutton (Current Jets LB coach and at one time considered for Sheridan’s job. Fewell worked for him at Army as his D Asst.) and Dick Crum (Former UNC HC. Fewell worked for him at Kent St as his D Asst.). Didn’t mention TC who he worked with a Jacksonville…awkward


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