Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 01/29/2010

The Galloping Ghost saves the NY Giants

CNNSI has an excerpt from Lars Anderson’s book ‘The First Star’.  The excerpt covers that fateful day in December of 1925 when the Halas-lead Chicago Bears brought their barnstorming tour to the Polo Grounds.  Tim Mara’s $500 dollar investment wasn’t looking good at the time, and this game served to change the NFL and save the Giants.

Perhaps the Bears thought saving the Giants would be beneficial to them, as they proceeded to beat the Giants 5 times in NFL championship games before the merger.  In the game above, Red Grange had a 35 yard interception return to end the scoring in a 19-7 win in front of more than 65,000 fans.

Of course this was all a prequel to the glory of the 11-1-1 1927 Championship season when the Giants beat the Bears toward the end of the season to secure first place.   Giants star Hinkey Haines (1925-1928) led the Giants to this title as well as playing for the NY Yankees 1923 Championship team.

Penn St./NY Giants star Hinkey Haines

Shoulder pads?! I don’t need any stinkin shoulder pads!


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