Posted by: giantspeculation | 02/06/2010

Eli: Peyton Best Ever, Cooper Dead

It’s Raining Manning (L to R): Archie, Peyton, Peyton, Eli

According to the AP (AP is Costco of news, they have everything, but nothing good) Eli thinks Peyton is on his way to being the greatest football player ever.

“Yeah, he’s getting close. At this point, he’s kind of considered an old-timer when it comes to age in the NFL, but he keeps getting better every year,” he said. “I don’t get jealous. He sets the standard for what I want to become, where I want to raise my level of play to.”

Hard to argue with that. With a win on Sunday Peyton will solidify his place among the upper echelon of ball chuckers. And though its hard to argue that few players in the history of the league do as much for their team as Peyton does, I believe Peyton is a few more records and at least two more championships away from the greatest ever.

Montana and Bradshaw remain among the most successful signal-callers ever (4 Super Bowl championships) while Elway and Marino remain the most prolific statistically. Peyton will have to meet and possibly surpass all four in both championships and stats to claim the mantle of greatest quarterback ever.

But as far as greatest player of all time, Peyton isn’t even close. My breakdown is as follows:

  • Offense = Jim Brown
  • Defense = Lawrence Taylor

Another interesting story to come out of the AP article was a story of Eli and Peyton’s “lone instance” of disagreement:

The only real rub between them came when they were kids. Eli ended a particularly rugged game of 1-on-1 backyard basketball by dunking over Peyton, and the boys hardly spoke to each other for days. Archie played peacemaker; he took down the hoop at their New Orleans home.

Noticeably absent from this story: Cooper Manning. The Ringo of Manning men. Peace and love, peace and love.


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