Posted by: giantspeculation | 02/07/2010

And God Created Shockey

Helmets?! We don’t need no stinkin’ hemets!!

Congratulations to Jeremy Shockey and the New Orleans Saints on winning their first Super Bowl. Even though Shockey was critical to the Giants’ success in 2007, his absence in the playoffs prevented him from truly “earning” a ring. But had he been healthy there is no doubt Shockey would have helped the Giants win Super Bowl 42 despite what some critics have said. Like hawaiianhaircut has said in the past, it was the emergence of Steve Smith and not the absence of Shockey that allowed Eli to flourish in those playoffs. But arguing with Jerry “God” Reese and being forced to accept a less prominent role on the offense, ultimately led to his trade to the Saints in 2008.

The name of this post comes from the title of a chapter in Roger Director’s 2007 book “I Dream in Blue.” Jeremy Shockey was the ultimate New York Giant. Tough, competitive, brash, and fearless. From his first pre-season game as a rookie, Shockey played with reckless abandon. Against the Texans in the Canton Hall of Game, Shockey caught a pass, broke a tackle and run up field. With a safety up field, running in his direction, Shockey raced up the sidelines. He could have continued up the line and secured a solid gain but instead Shockey turned toward the oncoming safety and barreled into him. Shockey ran directly over him with a firm stiff arm to the chest and gained another 10 yards before being brought down from behind.

But this play is the reason Shockey will remain one of my favorite Giants of all time. This play comes from a must-win game versus the Eagles in December 2002, Shockey’s rookie season. In the Giants’ first meeting with the Eagles that season, Ike Hilliard’s year would come to an end when Brian Dawkins hit him while defenseless and broke his shoulder. Down 7-0 in the 4th quarter, Kerry Collins floated a pass into the left corner of the end zone. Dawkins and Shockey both went up for the pass but Shockey came down with it and slammed Dawkins’ body into the turf. As Shockey got up, he waved the ball in Dawkins’ face and said: “That’s for Ike,” and laughed.

While Mark Bavaro remains more prolific it’s hard to argue that any tight end encapsulates Giants football better than Jeremy Shockey. But ultimately his attitude and reckless approach to the game shortened his time with the Giants. But I am glad Shockey has found success with the Saints. Congratulations Shock.


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