Posted by: giantspeculation | 02/07/2010

Eli Talks, Shamelessly Plugs Oreos

These two are literally millionaires

Eli “Vanilla Oreo” Manning was on the NFL Network talking Super Bowl and Oreos. For those of you who don’t know a vanilla oreo is both a delicious new cookie from Nabisco and a racial slur for white people who are white on the inside.

One interesting story Eli discussed was the Saints game where Eli chewed out Ahmad Bradshaw for failing to pick up a blitzer. Eli, without specifically mentioning AB, said he rarely gets frustrated but when a player makes mistakes they have specifically practiced for, he will lose his cool. He went on to say that he tries to avoid calling out teammates on the field for making mistakes because he has been called out by teammates before, presumably, Shockey and Plaxico.

In between shoveling oreos down his throat with his pimp hand Sapp called out Brandon Jacobs for tip-toeing this season. Eli referenced Brandon’s knee injury and said he expects him back in full force next season. Sapp persisted stating that Brandon’s new contract has caused him to relax his intensity. Perhaps women should follow Brandon’s running style and tip-toe around Sapp.


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