Posted by: giantspeculation | 02/07/2010

The Chin is no Woodward/Bernstein

Just watched Bill Cowher’s insanely boring interview with Plaxico Burress in the pokie. Nothing ground breaking. I am pretty sure anyone in jail could have given this same interview. The Chin failed to ask any remotely interesting questions like how he came to shoot himself in the leg or has he finally bought some jeans.

Some fascinating highlights:

  • Jail sucks
  • He is remorseful
  • He prays to god
  • Not seeing your daughter born is difficult
  • He workouts 4 times a week
  • He will play football again

The only thing remotely interesting about this interview is that he only works out four times a week. What else are you doing? Getting your GED? Starting a library with Brooks? Playing Morgan Freeman in chess? Wondering why Morgan Freeman is in jail?


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