Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 02/10/2010

Julius Peppers? Get outta here Serby

Steve Serby surmises that the Giants should pursue Julius Peppers if Osi ‘ truly wants out.’   Now, normally Serby is a semi logical human being, but this time he might have slipped on some of the snow outside.

As the rest of the league has done with guys like Ocho Cinco, just because a player demands to leave doesn’t mean the team should cave.  Osi signed a lavish six year $41 million contract in 2005, after a pro bowl appearance in the previous year.  He still has 2 years and over $6 million left, which is a bargain for an all-star caliber DE.

When players sign these deals, they look at the signing bonus, which in Osi’s case was a cool $15 mil.  In these last two years, he very well may be underpaid, but what has he done to get more scratch?  7 sacks, 29 tackles and matador style run defense?  This coming after a year lost to injury.  Why should the team restructure the deal or let him go at a time when the deal benefits the front office?

Peppers is a great player, granted.   His career statistics dwarf Osi’s.   There is no doubt he’s the better player.  However, didn’t we just shell out major coin for D-line last year?  We doubt subbing Osi with Peppers will make a major impact if Osi regains at least some of his form.  Plus, Osi’s average $3 million salary the next two years vs. the $18 million (what?!)  that Peppers recieved last season is a small factor we’d say.

Only QB’s are worth that kind of money unless we are talking about a 25-year-old Bruce Smith.  Peppers is 30 to Osi’s 28;  gets paid about 6 times the amount;  will probably be seeking a contract averaging at least $15 mil;  isn’t a guy exactly known for his all out motor and also wants to play in a 3-4.

Looks like it all makes sense.  Looks to us the Giants would be better suited looking at the back 8 which really struggled this season.  With that kind of Peppers money, some new LB’s or safeties wouldn’t hurt any feelings.


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