Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 02/12/2010

Giants make statement

Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile. - Former Giants OC Vince Lombardi

A 31 year old linebacker coming off a neck injury.  Would anyone be shocked if this sort of player was let go in the revolving door which is the NFL? Clearly not.  And yet, I have to admit I was a little stunned this morning when I read that AP was cut.


I had to stare blankly out the window for a while just to comprehend what had just taken place. To hell to this strict client deadline the feudal Company has placed on me..AP is cut!

The heart of the defense was removed today, ala the brown guy in Temple of Doom.  AP played great ball as the Giants MLB for five strong years.  Following the lost year of 2004, when the venerable Mike Barrow was no longer patrolling the middle, the Gmen added Pierce. All he had done since is average 108 tackles a year from 2005-2008. 44 postseason tackles.  His 55 this year in 9 games still projects to a solid 97 tackles; sadly his neck bulged like the Germans in the mountains of Belgium. 

Call me a sucker, but I think AP has some football left in him. That legendary chip on his shoulder is going to get wedged slightly deeper by this release and he is going to have a couple productive years left. So why did the Giants cut him?  His lack of cover skills was always evident, even when he had his best seasons. But clearly there was a way to make him an impact player, as Spags quickly saw..and might see again. Perhaps PFew wants a good coverage linebacker for the cover 2.

The one thing everyone knows is we can’t replace the leadership.  His emotional guidance of the defense was huge, especially in the post Strahan days.  His impact went beyond just tackles and stats.   

As far as our Gmen go..for the love of Reese they better have a plan.  Blackburn or Goff don’t exactly inspire me.  Actually, they cause me to drink heavily and drive down residential roads at night yelling that the British are coming.

AP never played on a losing Giants team. Thats what makes him a fan favorite and Giants standout. Perhaps he will resume his career as an intern for Baba Booey. At this point, no move would surprise me. 

Welcome to the offseason.


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