Posted by: giantspeculation | 02/14/2010

Nice Purple Shirt

Sitting here watching the only two “sporting” events on for the night, The NBA All Star Game and whatever random snow/ice related competition they can come up with, I realize how vastly superior the NFL really is.

Some highlights from the night…


– TNT’s 32 references and counting to the fact that the game is being played in the greatest stadium in the world.  Just because you spend $1.5 billion and put up a big ass TV doesn’t mean you have built something ingenious and monumental.  It just means you were willing to spend $1.5 billion and asked some TV company to build you a big ass TV

– The lack of defense being played is rite on par with an average NBA game.

– If the stadium only seats 80,000 and there is standing room for 8,000, how can there possibly be close to 100,000 people in attendance?  The 12,000 people watching the game outside on the once again big ass TV screen does not count as attending the event.

Winter Olympics

– Who decided that skiing down a slope with herpes was a sport?

– Why do I find myself hoping that all Canadian athletes fail?

– I don’t think I will ever understand how you can possibly train for something your whole life, a scripted event such as Ice Skating, and still mess up.  There are no variables.  Nothing will change from practice to performance and you still somehow screw it up, let alone cut your partner in the face.

– Where does NBC find all these commentators who stangly know way to much about random sports that people only care about every 4 years?

What does this all mean?  It means we have to wait around 66 days to see JR work his magic.  It means we have to wait 6 months to actually see our team come together at training camp (God willing, it will still be up in the greatest small city in the world, Albany.  Where 3 grown men lack the ability to come up with enough money to send HawaiianHaircut’s beastly conquest home on a bus).  For now we will continue to follow the recent addition of a quality control “coach”, whatever that means. (That’s rite, my boy MG has an answer for everything – Nice Purple Shirt Mike)


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