Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 02/19/2010

Goff’s house?

After watching the first American dude to win a skating gold medal since Brian Boitano, I’m happy to report that the least fruity costume won.  Still fruity, yet less bedazzled. America Baby.  Of course it’s still mens figure skating…who can take it seriously?  To regain form, I opened a beer, started reading about football and put a Ford truck commercial on in the background.  MG had an interesting article on  Jonathan Goff, one of the two MLB’s we have left on our squad after AP was bid adeiu.  Dare we start the season with Goff manning the middle?  The skeptic/mortified baby inside me says no.  If it comes down to it, at least we know he’s smart….like a computer!   

While Goff attends Haavaad (What are ya, too good?!) and hopefully hits up the Darwin Day blowout, we’re all left to think of the slim pickins in the free agent market.  Sure, Karlos Dansby would be nice…but are the Giants really going to shell out enough gumby gold to reel in the biggest fish in the pond?  It would seem unlikely after last years spending spree.

Of course, faith in Jerry must be had.  His draft touch has been pretty solid for the most part, which we will have to divulge in over the coming weeks. Personally, I think Jerry saves Haitian babies at night with a fancy cape on, leaps tall buildings in a single bound, and can bend a spoon with his mind (true story, saw it in Albany).  Lets take a look at the Gmen LB picks since 2000:

Not a very impressive list, even though the Giants have invested quite a few picks in the position the last few years.  It’s probably safe to say Wilkinson, who’s played 17 games total the last two years, is probably a lost cause.  Kehl and Sintim are young guys so they need time, as is Goff.  So will the Giants spend a first round draft pick on a LB? This early in the game, it would seem that at least a defensive player, preferably in the back 7, would be the focus.  However, it always seems that the Giants go best player available…so is a OT out of the picture? RB?

Well, at least we have till the end of April to pretend like we know something about 40 times, cone drills, agility and have watched enough ‘tape’ to even begin to understand players from 238 IA and IAA schools.  Just as an example of how ridiculous it all is, Ndamukong Suh is the ‘can’t miss’ prospect of the moment.  Every show on tv, every website agrees this guy just can’t miss.  He will Dominate!  Maybe they’re right…maybe he’ll be a beast. 

Or maybe…these are the DT’s drafted in the top 10 since 2003, the year ‘Baby Sapp’ came to gang green: BJ Raji, Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis, Amobi Okoye, Dewayne Robertson and Johnathan Sullivan.  Some alright to pretty good players…but can’t miss game changers? Worth a $40 mil signing bonus?  Hardly.



  1. […] Lee down the line.  JR has shown he’s not afraid to take LB’s in later rounds, shown here with our recent LB picks.  Not much positive to say about the current group on the roster.  […]

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