Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 02/23/2010

Eli prefers payment in jello and nurses


In yet another sign that Eli Manning is in fact not Satan, Eli has decided to not to take a broke hospitals money. 

The story is really not very interesting, as most would assume that the leagues highest paid QB (for about 10 more minutes)  wouldn’t take a debt ridden hospital’s money.  Eli comes off as a smart guy, so even if he wanted to make sure there was no christmas in the leukemia ward, you figure his ‘people’ would step in before this got out.  The bigger story is really the $1 Million dollar-plus budget that this hospital has for marketing.  What does a hospital in the middle of Manhattan really need to advertise?  

Those Long Island hospitals better watch out…they only paid Boomer Esiason 25 bucks and a CAT scan for his likeness.


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