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Formidable Foe Files: B. Westbrook

I don’t remember what I just did

With the Eagles cutting Brian Westbrook, an end of an era of the storied Giants vs ‘the only team in the division without a Super Bowl’  has come to a close.  There are always those players on teams that you hate with a fiery passion you reserve only for those who have wronged you… and yet admire them in a sense.  They earn your respect with their game.  Along with some of this generation’s Eagles,  like Dawkins or McNabb, they are hated rivals, and yet they have been great players.  In addition, they seem to bring their A game against us.  Westbrook was one of these guys.

Personally, Westbrook is always going to remembered as a Giants killer, much like guys like Emmit Smith or Randall Cunningham where throughout their day.  He always seemed to bring his game against the Gmen, making big plays at big times.  The above picture is sort if appropriate, as Westbrook could be seen as the reason that Antonio Pierce is no longer a Giant.  Agreed, there are other factors, but getting undressed by Westbrook on screen passes in 2008 didn’t do him any favors and fanned the flames of the ‘Pierce can’t cover anyone’ blaze.  Word was Boley was acquired just to stop this guy.  One play I’ll always remember as especially disastrous was back in Oct 19 2003.  Giants up 10 – 7 with 1 minute left.   Feagles, the punt.  Westbrook returns it 84 yards for a touchdown.  Eagles win 14-10.

One thing which always was bothersome about Westbrook, of course through no fault of his own, was the comparisons with Tiki.  Lets be serious.  Westbrook couldn’t carry Tiki’s children’s book.  Tiki has over 4,000 more rushing yards, over 1300 more receiving yards and 150 more receptions.  Tiki had 6 1000 yard seasons to Westbrook’s 2.  Westbrook hit 1300 yards once, when he ran for 1333 in 2007.  

Over the last five years of Tiki’s career, he averaged 1529 yards a season.


For kicks, here are their stats against each other starting from Westbrook’s first year in 2002.  WB has the clear edge in touchdowns, but Tiki still finds time to unleash his enormous ego and conquer all that dare question him.  


2002-2008 vs Giants

Rushing (including playoffs): 81 yds/gm

Receiving: 46 yds/gm

2002-2006 vs Eagles

Rushing: 110 yds/gm

Receiving: 45 yds/gm

 Note that Tiki played in 11 games from 2002-2006 against the Birds.

Westbrook had 5 more tries (16 total) against the G-men in 07 to 08. WB was 2-0 vs the Gmen in the playoffs.

Tiki went over 100 yards 7 times including a 203 yard game in 2002. WB over 100 only 5 times with a high of 141 in the ’06 playoffs.

One place WB dominates is touchdowns with 14:  8 rushing and 6 receiving.  Tiki put up 4 total, 2 of each.

The Records? WB takes that as well: 9-7 through 2008 while Tiki went 4-7.

 Through his career WB has missed 21 games in 8 yrs, and has never played all 16.  Tiki missed 6 games in 10 yrs;  16 games played 8 times.

WB 2009 stats not used because of massive blows to the head/general confusion.


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