Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 02/26/2010

From the mind of a fat kid of course….

Its 2 am.   Its been a long night of playing madden, drinking beer, and doing what is done every night…trying to take over the world.  Chicken tenders would be amazing right now.  Sadly, such lavish meals shan’t be dined on this night.  What better time to post the news that everyone already knows?  The Gmen tendered the following guys today:

Guy Whimper
“original pick” tender
$1.176 million

Barry Cofield
Second-round tender
$1.759 million

Dave Tollefson
Second-round tender
$1.684 million

Gerris Wilkinson
“original pick” tender
Third round
$1.176 million

These early moves make sense as the Gmen, as Ralph V. points out, really lose nothing by tendering these players.  They can easily cut them if they don’t feel that they are going to contribute.  Cofield, a fairly solid starter, at less than $2 million as well as two valuable depth players at decent prices is a no brainer.  However the thought has got to be that an impressive rookie at either the DE or OL spot would push Whimper and Dave T.  At least one would hope.

Wilkinson is surprising only in the fact that most everyone has to have lost faith in his fragile Charmin soft body.  The fans have been hearing for years that he is on the verge of a breakout year, and yet he gets hurt or does nothing much more than special teams.  Someone needs to get this guy some milk to strengthen those glass bones.  He’s been drinking plenty of….malk?


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