Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 03/04/2010

Early March Update: Still no football

Note to self: Take team bowling this year


Lest our vast readership think for a moment we were stepping out of the bright internet spotlight ala Washington in 1796, we bring you random, far-reaching thoughts in the first week of March i.e  the fourth week sans football.  The overblown tryout session that is the NFL combine came to a close this week, amid much fanfare.  Kinda reminiscent of field day as a child, but without the smiles of merriment on the kid’s faces.

As per usual experts spared no hyperbole when describing the no pads gym class session; throwing around superlatives like ‘can’t miss’ and ‘guaranteeded starter’  as effectively as a monkey after taco bell.  We’ll have to reserve judgement till all film breakdown is complete in the Speculation offices, i.e highlight clips on stolen internet in the janitor’s closet.

Rolando McClain didn’t work out…so no look at all Giants fans dream LB…even though he wants to play in a 3-4

– The Raiders interestingly put a low third round tender on MLB Kirk Morrison for a paltry $2.5 million.  Fans of Al ‘Gargamel’ Davis’ squad have been split on Morrison, most commonly on the run play.  The fact is that this is a 28 year old MLB with 5 straight years of over 115 tackles…for a third round pick.  Since the Raiders don’t grace national TV as much as they could, its hard to completely evaluate…but an interesting development.

– Don Banks says the Giants are still the best place for Karlos Dansby.  Logic: Team looses MLB. One MLB free agent worth a pair of shoes.  Mix. Repeat.  Brilliant!

Who wouldn’t be behind this idea? Use that PSL money for something other than diamond shoes!

– Weddings? Bar Mitzvahs?  Welcome home from Prison parties?  You know what you need to get your special someone? An authentic chair from Giants stadium of course!  Haven’t you all had those moments where you’ve sat in the bitter freezing cold at Giants stadium and thought to yourself…’these chairs are so freakin comfortable I’m bringing them home.  Screw my awesome couch and my sense of comfort and self worth…I’m a real fan.’ 

I know I have.  I’m sitting in one right now.


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