Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 03/05/2010

Rolle comes to Jersey

When Jerry Reese called out Michael Johnson at the Combine last week, not something that is normal business practice at the Meadowlands, you had to know something was up Jerry’s sleeve.  Well the answer to that is Antrel Rolle.

The Rolle contract is a five-year deal worth $37 million, with $15 million guaranteed and $22.5 million over the first three years.  This is a record contract for a NFL safety, though according to MG, the signing bonus is third among safeties.

MG also mentions, as do other outlets, that the Giants only had ‘mild interest’ in Karlos Dansby, who signed with Miami tonight.  The Rolle contract is a major deal for the Gmen, and the magnitude reveals the Giants must think Antrel has plenty of undiscovered potential at only 27 yrs old.

All this while Gibril debates where to get his next major signing bonus from….


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