Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 03/06/2010

Thinking Safety First

Maybe changing my number back to 43 will help…

Since handing Antrel Rolle a big bag o’ loot last night, it seems an appropriate time to look back at the safety play from last season.  Be Aware: These images may be disturbing.

The Giants had some of the worst safety play in the league last year, not surprisingly.  The Blutarsky award for the worst possible performance goes to Michael Johnson, who ranked 85th in the league. Mr Johnson… Zero point zero!

 Below we’ve charted the Giants safety play from the stat guru’s at PFF.  League rankings in parenthesis. 

Click to enlarge

 CC Brown, for all the abuse he’s taken from fans and opposing receivers, is sadly the best one out of the group; which is sort of like being the smartest kid in the dumbest class.  It seems that a lot more wrath should have been tossed Michael Johnson’s way as he was clearly one of the worst safeties in football.  Both CC and MJ letting QB’s go nuts with opposing QB passer ratings above 130.  Ed Valentine did a nice breakdown at Big Blue View in January of the safety play using these numbers.

Interestingly, Antrel Rolle is pretty bad himself.   His fellow safety Adrian Wilson at the Cards had a much better season.  Rolle’s coverage stats are terrible, even though he was a corner coming out of the U.  What does this all tell us?  Rolle will likely take over for Johnson.  Also…this may not be the last safety the Giants sign this offseason.  Would it be a shock to see them get a free safety next to backup/start for KP?


Rouse has been cut.  Beyond understanding, CC still has his job.

– What does Rolle think about the combination of himself and his fellow Hurricane KP?

“The best [safety tandem] in the league, hands down. Without a doubt.”


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