Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 03/08/2010

Spags snags another one…


 Yeah both my eyes are open. Get out my face,  Adam Carriker. 

Another member of the 2007 Giants championship defense has relocated today.  Fred ‘Baskin’ Robbins went to St. Louis to join up with the man, the myth..Spags.  He joins James ‘I did it’ Butler and Craig ‘Remember me?’ Dahl as ex Gmen in St. Louis.  Fred Robbins was a fantastic aquisition in 2004 and has had a great run with the Giants.  He played through injuries the last couple years and his production slipped; however he was the consumate team player and a force on the inside while he was here.  He also provided some veteran leadership for younger DT’s Cofield and Alford.  Adios Fred, you will be remembered fondly.

In other news, the Giants worked out career Manning backup Jim Sorgi.  You would have to imagine that in another life, Jim Sorgi’s father served Archie Manning soup or handed him a bathroom towel on demand.  Other names that have been bantered about would be Mark Brunell and Jeff Garcia.  Though Garcia in particular would be fine for a game or two, it seems that yes, the season is in fact over if Eli goes down for a long stretch. 

One would have to hope that Rhett Bomar has a legit shot at earning this number 2 job. In 2008 (6th Rd – A. Woodson) and 2009 (5th Rd. – Bomar) Reese has inexplicably drafted a QB, and its about time one of these guys gets further than the practice squad.  Woodson is currently dancing for nickels ala  ‘Handsome Pete’, so here’s hoping Bomar can prove himself. 


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