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Draft Speculation V1.0

Second most fun type of 8 ball

The draft is a true Marxist system at work. Unlike the money-crazed, capitalist orgy that is free agency where success is bought and paid for like a new flat screen TV or a woman’s dowry, the draft is communism in action. The draft can change a poor team’s fortunes for years to come. Karl “Stupid Beard Face” Marx espoused: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Marxy clearly never met Al Davis (though given his age it’s possible). In this analogy, Al Davis is a crack addicted single mother living on a steady diet of government cheese. But regardless, the draft is as beautiful and pure as a unicorn crapping rainbows.

In this version of Draft Speculation we are going to speculate on the key question marks for the Giants this offseason. Basically what don’t we know (which is why this so long). From there we will prioritize the Giants’s needs by position (including a position breakdown), identify some possible matches in this year’s draft class, and finally (in the most speculative of cliched speculations) release a mock draft (that mocks logic and true experts in this field (I am not looking at you Don Banks)).

Biggest question marks in order of how relevant they are to this year’s draft:

  1. Kenny Phillips – What is the state of Kenny Phillips’s knee? Can he return to his pro-bowl destined start in 2009? Will he still be my mom’s favorite player (I don’t know why)? Kenny Phillips says he is healthy and ultimately he has the skills to be a truly exceptional safety. And with Antrel Rolle who, regardless of his bloated contract, will be an immediate upgrade in the secondary, these two guys from the U can help establish a very intimidating safety tandem. But if KP is not well the Giants may need to go safety early.
  2. Perry Fewell – It is not clear what changes Fewell will make to the defense. In a typical Cover-2, like the one he worked in at Chicago under Lovie Smith, the MLB position is very valuable and may require skill sets not currently on the roster. The addition of an athletic MLB may be a priority in this year’s draft.
  3. Osi Umenyiora – All of the Giants’ brass have now pow-wowed with the petulant perennial pro-bowler (that’s for you Steve Langford) but what should we expect from him this season when his cleats hit the field. Can he get back to pro-bowl form? Does he remember what running plays look like? In my opinion Osi should be fine this season and can thrive in Fewell’s system. But if the Giants think otherwise it may be necessary to focus on DE in this year’s draft.
  4. Johnathon Goff – Can Goff step up and fill Pierce’s shoes? What is the role of the MB in Fewell’s new system? When AP went down last year Goff did not exactly shine. But apparently he is the smartest dude in the world or so says everyone in the organization. But so far brainiac has failed to figure out how his engineering degree helps him cover a TE. The wild card here of course is Chase Blackburn. Could he be the solution in the middle? No.
  5. Kareem McKenzie – What does this Mick (he’s Irish right) have left in the tank? Is it time for Beatty? I think Kareem McKenzie is the most underrated member of the offensive line. But he is getting up there like an aging racehourse. It may be necessary to shoot him and turn him into glue. If so is Beatty the long-term solution? He certainly looked solid in relief last year. But man that dude is lanky. And this is coming from a guy who’s 6’3″ and 195. Come on Beatty hit the gym. McKenzie’s high price tag (highest paid offensive player not named Manning) may also be a turn off but who knows in the uncapped wilderness we are entering this year. McKenzie is not alone, the entire line is starting to show their age (except Chris Snee, hes like Justin’s Bieber). But I definitely see the Giants bolstering the offensive line both at the guards and tackles.
  6. Aaron Ross – The biggest struggle the Giants had last year, other than sucking hard, was the lack of depth in the secondary. I think at one point Aaron Ross played every position in the secondary. But what role does the Super Bowl CB play in Fewell’s new system? Is he a corner or a safety? Will he ever be an elite player worthy of his draft pick? Or will his struggles against speedsters prevent him from ever being a true number one CB. With Terrell Thomas elevating his play and Bruce Johnson performing admirably for a low-round rookie last year it will be interesting to see what direction the Giants take in the draft.
  7. Chris Canty – A lot of people (John Mara’s accountant) had high hopes for Canty last year (he was the highest paid defensive player). And he did not exactly shine. Now he wasn’t healthy all season (I think the Cowboys triggered a chip they implanted in his hamstring). But in the few games he did play he didn’t exactly light the world on fire. Hopefully he will return next season with more reps in camping playing in a 4-3 and will earn his money. But if the Giants have lost the faith they may go DL early and often in the draft.
  8. Brandon Jacobs – BJ is god. But apparently even God has knees. Who knew under that robe? After the season BJ announced that he was hampered all season with a knee injury all season and should have had surgery early in the season. But after apparently recovering well from off-season surgery I wonder how the big man will return in 2010. I definitely think BJ performs best when he is relieved by one or two complimentary backs who can take away some carries. AB is an exceptional player but still makes mistakes and can’t do everything a back should. So it will be interesting to see if the Giants go RB especially with DJ Ware and Andre Brown as solid depth.
  9. Andre Brown – Speaking of Brown, what can this guy do? At camp last year he looked like the best back of the bunch. He can catch balls out of the backfield and make all the necessary cuts. But how he is in real-game situations and picking up the blitz are still in question. And his injury was a serious one so can he rebound? Is it considered rebounding when you have never bounded? But from what little we saw last year I think this kid can play. And RB may only be an option if someone special falls to us. See ya Gartrell Johnson, we hardly knew ye.

Next in Draft Speculation will be a breakdown of the key positions.



  1. OSI got a taste of life behind the mike and liked it..I would trade him for an early round pick while teams still think he is good..use the pick to upgrade the defense which needs upgarades in almost every position..I don’t think he really wants to play anymore and if he does will not be the same player he was

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