Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 03/19/2010

Is this the end of Feagles?

The Today Show sends Tiki to Australia.  Coaches are subsequently belittled.

Jeff Feagles, the 23 (wowza) year veteran punter, is engaged in a somewhat baffling contract dispute with the Gmen.  According to this sites muse, MG, Feagles banked 1 and 1.5 million these past two seasons.  There doesn’t seem to be any indication about how much cash he wants, but it seems to be the sticking point in negotiations.  Perhaps he declared he was ‘bigger than Jesus’ like the Beatles did in 1966, the year Jeff escaped the womb.

To make the old man quiver in his leather helmet, the Giants signed Aussie rules footballer Jy Bond.  Bond has been on the lookout for NFL gig for the last couple seasons and the 30 year old has never kicked in an NFL game.  Hes also a native of Australia, hence a criminal from the British isles.  Along this vein, he also drinks Fosters and rides in a kangaroo’s pouch to work and such.  One would guess this is just a chance to take a look at Bond…Jy Bond…since there are quite a few vets on the market.

In a completely unrelated and yet interesting note, one of the observers of the Tim ‘Gods son’ Tebow’s workout at UF the other day was non other than Tom Coughlin.   Does this mean anything for the Gmen on draft day?  Does Coughlin need help reaching Buddha Christ?

Rumor has it Tebow commanded lightning from the heavens to strike down those who question his mechanics.  That has yet to be confirmed.


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