Posted by: giantspeculation | 03/26/2010

Osi Talks, Foot Not In Mouth

Tony: “Flozell was supposed to trip you before you got here”

Osi Umenyiora talked to the press yesterday and he is saying all the right things: I have to earn my starting spot; last year I could have played better; I am excited about Fewell’s new defense; taking a dump on chicks is not cool. You know typical sound bites. But it looks like Osi is feeling stronger this year and is looking forward to getting back to not playing the run this coming season.  “It was only about a month ago when I was outside doing some pass-rush drills, I said, ‘Oh now I’m really 100 percent. My legs felt a lot stronger than they felt last year. Mentally you can pretty much tell yourself a lot of things, and last year mentally I was telling myself that I was 100 percent when in actuality I don’t think I was.”

Osi has become a bit of an enigma these days. He has quickly gone from the clear successor to Strahan’s throne as a dominant force on the d line and team leader to an underachieving malcontent. Even Tiger Woods is looking at this guy going, “Man, this guy really has spiraled out of control.” But with a new coordinator, different system, and healthier legs Osi has the opportunity to turn things around and return to his rightful place in the hearts of Giant’s fans everywhere. I for one and am rooting for him, though to be fair my motivations are selfish since I own his jersey and can’t fathom having paid $150 for a backup’s clothing. But it could be worse, I could own both a Lavar Arrington and Ron Dayne jersey. I am looking at you Hawaiian Haircut.


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