Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 04/01/2010

Finally, C.C gets his comeuppance

Well the most visible broken cog in the broken NYG secondary has finally been fired, by Spacely Sprocket Jerry Reese.  C.C (Can’t Cover?) has had his tender withdrawn by the Gmen as they signed Seattle’s Deon Grant.  Grant has been a  capable starter in the league and has started 144 straight games. Which means in Chris Canty-ish fashion, expect him to all of a sudden fall apart when he gets to NY.  Perhaps its the water.

Grant will be available if KP is not able to recover from his arthritic knees.   He should be another instant upgrade and will be counted on to contribute and attempt to avoid falling to pieces in times of need, unlike last years band aids, C.C and Rouse.   Of course, on this very same site, we predicted the Gmen were not done signing safeties and it seems we speculated correctly.  This makes our prediction that the sun is going to burn out and we’ll all face imminent death slightly more legitimate.

In other positive news, Jeff Feagles is back in the fold for another year.  Though he struggled at times last year, we all know how effective Feagles can be in the directional punting game.  He still seems to have something left, and who are the Giants to not get the last drop out of his ability? Welcome back Jeff, you can still regale the kids in the locker room about helping Roger Waters come up with the concept for Dark Side of the Moon in 1973 while the rest of the teams was not yet conceived.

Finally, Eli is shocked that Donovan McNabb is being treated like discarded garbage.  Sort of like the Eagles treated Randall Cunningham.  That worked out wonderfully.  Is Kevin Kolb the next Rodney Pete/Ty Detmer/Bobby Hoying? One would certainly hope so.  I, for one, applaud the Eagles treating one of the best players in the history of their franchise like he’s a has been.  I’ve always felt that the other teams in the NFC East respected him more than his own fan base.  So go ahead Philly.  Trade him.  Kolb is apparently the next Norm ‘The Dutchman’ Van Brocklin, the last QB to deliver Philly a title.  50 years and counting…heres to 50 more!


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