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Random Draft Ramblings

Giants shock everyone and go with Jesus after an impressive Combine workout.  J.C turns out to be a workout warrior and later berates a team reporter.  Vishnu wins rookie of the year.


These weeks between the first few days of free agency and the draft are always painful.  Nothing really to report except the talking heads throwing out mostly copycat theories of who is going where.  There seems to be a general consensus on which guys seem to be in about the top 40 players available..the order remains to be seen and therefore open to wild interpretation.  This mind numbing minutia makes me feel as if I’m a jew wandering the desert with Moses, and Canaan is nowhere to be seen.  C’mon Moses, I thought you had directions. Then just when I think we’re almost there, he just disappears in a mountain for 40 days. Where is that guy that can turn water into booze?

Thats why I stick to good old fashion heathen idol worship. An interesting name that’s been thrown around in the first round has been C.J Spiller, the explosive running back from Clemson. The heads seem to rate him across the board as the top running back available; and possibly the shiftiest black man in South Carolina since Denmark Vesey planned to take Charleston with a group of slaves.  Since Vesey was hanged and South Carolina seceded in 1860 over their love of the black man (and woman..and child..and cottin pickin’ subjigation), CJ’s story will probably turn out much better when he signs a multi million dollar contract and buys himself what Vesey could only dream of…some new rims. (They spinnin’!)

The Question is: Dare the Gmen take a running back in the first round if C.J is available?  Logic, past history, and Nancy Reagan say No. The Gmen have only taken a RB in the first round 4 times since 1990 when they drafted my boy, Rodney Hampton. The last RB they drafted is the immortal Ron Dayne, for whose jersey I shelled out my hard earned cake. A dubious decision at best.  The current number 27, and the teams opinion on how he will hold up this season and perform will be a big factor on whether the Gmen go RB at ANY point during the draft. Though there have been some rumblings on these intergoogles of BJ’s demise, I still think he can deliver like he has done in the past.  He takes tons of vicious hits, and with this style of running reminiscent of the Nigerian Nightmare, it’s a given that he won’t play a full year. He can give you a solid 12-14 games and hopefully recapture that tough, tone setting up the gut running style. 

The next few guys on the roster really play similar roles.  This would be where a guy like Spiller would take the reigns as a more explosive change of pace.  Ahmad Bradshaw, who’s running style you just have to love, is in the last year of his contract.  I foolishly proclaimed in Albany that AB would get 1200 yards this year…Attach the stone of shame! Of course he came nowhere near this and hurt both of his ankles, and possibly several other body parts.  The rest of the RB group is unimpressive.  Injured rookie Andre Brown?  The man had surgeries all throughout college, so who knows if he’ll ever be a contributor.  Danny Ware has the audacity to tell America to call him by his new nickname ‘D.J’, all the while collecting paychecks for three seasons and contributing absolutely nothing. See ya Danny. Also, forgive me for not mentioning Gartrell Johnson..because he’s not good. Of course the Bleacher Report thought otherwise:

I am excited to see how Johnson develops throughout the off season, and just maybe, the San Diego Chargers have stumbled upon the next LaDainian Tomlinson.

Perhaps we are the ones who are crazy.

Looks like the team could use a RB sometime draft day. Smart money says it would be in the later rounds.  Toby Gerhart perhaps? Two massive backs at the same time? Forget Thunder and lightning, Vanilla and Chocolate are here to dominate. Ben Tate from Iowa? Joe McKnight? LeGarrette Blount (I just want that name on a jersey…and admit it, we all want to punch these blue field having tools) There are a lot of intriguing options, but a RB in the first round? Highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened. Women can vote!



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