Posted by: giantspeculation | 04/06/2010

Tiki Loses Another Ring

So far Barber has not figured how out to blame this on Tom Coughlin.

Much like in 2008 when the Giants won the Super Bowl, Tiki Barber has lost out on another ring. This time it is of the nuptial variety. According to the Financial Times New York Post, Barber and his college sweetheart/POA Ginny Cha have separated.

Barber met Cha at UVA in a computer science class and it has been rainbows and gum drops ever since. This is of course until a few months ago when the fit hit the shan. The Weekly Standard New York Post has an article from 2004 which recalls fonder times in the Barber household. Some specific highlights from this article are Tiki’s initial trepidation about living in New York prior to being drafted and Ginny’s reluctance to move to Green Bay who was also interested in taking Barber in the 1997 draft. Fortunately, everything worked out except y’know the marriage and Barber’s legacy as a Giant.

GIANTSpeculation assumes the dialogue leading up to the separation must have gone something like this:

Tiki: Ginny, which pink tie should I wear on Projecct Runway?

Ginny: Uggh, you’re doing that show again? I thought I married a football player not Tom Gunn.

Tiki: It’s Tim Gunn stupid.

Ginny: What’s Ronde’s number again?


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