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Incredibly Late Draft Needs

Reese ponders world domination drafting the next star

With the draft just nine days away, there’s a small bit of excitement building within my soul for some pseudo football related activity. Sure, most of it is just watching clips of college players with the background voice of Mel Kiper regaling you with stats and his useless opinion.  But in this barren sportscape, where basketball is in the pre playoff phase and baseball is in the no-one-cares phase, I’ll take what I can get.  Of course, alot of baseball season is short of caring, as Bud Selig well knows.  Since I take the stance of mocking those who mock the draft, I’ve taken time from my daily routine of blaming the government for my problems and ogling the girls of the Sears catalog to bring to the internet, for the 546th time, draft needs for the G-men.


On Roster:

Blackburn, Chase
Goff, Jonathan
DeOssie, Zak

This is the most obvious hole on the team and sure to be a priority on draft day since there doesn’t seem to be the trade market for any MLB that is being explored.  The interesting thing is if Rolando McClain is no longer on the board when the Giants are up at 15 in the first round.  There really doesn’t seem to be another inside LB prospect that would be worth the 15th pick, so I could see the Giants going elsewhere with the first rounder if McClain gone.  I think it’s almost a slam dunk the Giants take the most famous person with Crohns disease since Ike Eisenhower if he’s on the board when they are up. If not, they might go for Brandon Spikes or Sean Lee down the line.  JR has shown he’s not afraid to take LB’s in later rounds, shown here with our recent LB picks. 
Not much positive to say about the current group on the roster.  Blackburn and Goff are the only two serious contenders for the job and neither is going to give you the comfort of even a rookie starting.  MLB is the most talent starved part of the team.

Target round: 1 – Round 3 at the latest…perhaps taking more than one


On Roster:

Beatty, William
Bender, Jacob
Diehl, David
Koets, Adam
McKenzie, Kareem
Riley, Rueben
Taylor, Herb
Whimper, Guy

This is an interesting position as there is a reason to think there will be shuffle in the unit for the first time in a while.  The prevailing thought seems to be Diehl will move inside to G and last years pick William Beatty will be looking at a shot at starting.  Kareem and Guy Whimper are the two other definites at this position. Outside of that, Adam Koets continues to lag behind the dreaded learning curve and Whimper has been ok in spot duty.  The other guys seem to be warm bodies for depth.  Getting a fresh talented player here will provide some youth and competition for the future.  It will be interesting to see if the Giants choose a OT in the first or second round; it will go a long way in indicating how the organization feels about Beatty’s ability to be ‘the guy’ at OT long term.

Target Round: 3rd – 4th


On Roster:

Anderson, Vince
Brown, Courtney
Johnson, Bruce
Johnson, D.J.
Ross, Aaron
Thomas, Terrell
Webster, Corey

This seems like a good position with C.Webb and T.Thomas backed up by Aaron Ross and the ever emerging Bruce Johnson.  The Gmen parted ways with Kevin Dockery, which shows you how volatile the life of a NFL CB can be.  One second your winning the SB and playing well, the next thing an undrafted rookie from Miami is rendering you inactive.  It looks at this point that some extra competition here would be a plus, with Aaron Ross’ long term health also in question.  We’ve heard past camp rumblings about Vince Anderson  but its all speculation.  Ross’ health plus questionable depth after the top 2 make this position interesting.

Target round: 2nd


Hill, Tommie
Kiwanuka, Mathias
Tollefson, Dave
Tuck, Justin
Umenyiora, Osi

With Osi being questionable in his dedication to being a stud, Justin Tuck is the only dependable DE on the roster.  Kiwi has been improving steadily, however he is not the impact player yet that he has been expected to be.  The team has to hope he will continue to improve from last years playing experience.  Outside of these top three guys, Dave Tollefson is what he is, which is a white hustle player who is of course intelligent.  A raw ‘athelete’ type player would be interesting to see here if taken later in the draft.  There has been talk of the Giants addressing this position early if a value is on the board.

Target round: 2nd – 3rd


On Roster:

Bradshaw, Ahmad
Brown, Andre
Jacobs, Brandon
Johnson, Gartrell
Ware, DJ

Most of my rambling thoughts on the RB situation is covered here.  Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw were injured most of the year last year, and combined with the below standard play of the line and some questionable play calls, didn’t get the production that resulted in two 1000 yard backs in 2008.  Other than these two, both of who I expect to rebound this coming season, the rest of the backs are full of questions.  Andre Brown is promising while Gartrell and DJ Ware can’t be any type of long term solution.  With the injuries and light depth, expect the Gmen to go RB at some point. Wouldn’t be shocked if they jumped on a talented back early if they are a value.

Target Round: 4th-5th 


On Roster:

Boley, Michael
Ingram, Kenny
Kehl, Bryan
Sintim, Clint
Wilkinson, Gerris

The outside linebackers, a unit that has yet to rediscover the type of impact player that Kawika Mitchell was during the SB run of 2007, looks set with some young athletic players.  Projected starters are Boley and Sintim with Kehl being the primary backup.  Wilkinson is another potential player to push for a primary backup/starter role, but as we all know, his body is made of fine china.  Ingram from Florida State seems to be a ‘body’ as of this point.  Though the team looks athletic in this area, it’s still unproven as Boley has never produced as a Giant and Sintim is still raw.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see a later pick in this area. PSU’s Navarro Bowman, I’m looking at you…Yup I’m a homer.

Target round: 4th -6th

Bonus wierd news of the day:

Win a date with Jeremy Shockey….ladies, get focused.  Jay, feel free to throw your hat in the ring.


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