Posted by: giantspeculation | 04/17/2010

I’ll Take TheRapist for 50 Sacks a Year?


My friend is a die-hard Steelers fan and we were recently discussing whether or not Pittsburgh should suspend or trade Big Ben given his penchant for assaulting bitches. He is truly questioning whether he can remain a Steelers fan with this bufoon at the helm.

So this made me question what the Giants would do in the same situation. The Steelers and Giants are sister organizations in many ways. Both are old school teams who are proud of their traditions. The two teams even share blood at this point. The fruit of this union being the angelic Kate Mara.

If the Giants were in same situation and Eli couldn’t keep his d in his p what would they do. This is hard to imagine considering Eli is possibly asexual and a model monogamist (so far) but both are young, talented Super Bowl winning QBs who are difficult to replace. I would hope the Giants are classy enough to make the hard decision and part ways with such a disgrace. But I don’t envy the Steelers and their fans for this difficult decision.


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