Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 04/19/2010

Peanut butter draft time!

The week of the NFL draft has finally arrived after months of waiting and refreshing the expert’s mock drafts (version 25A) to see their infinite wisdom.  Of course, the draft is three days away and Gmen fans aren’t any more sure of what is to become of the 15th pick.  A couple interesting articles:

  • Ohm Youngmisuk makes the case for Sean Weatherspoon as the 15th pick.  Though this might be a reach, I commend Ohm for not changing his name to John when entering the country like many a chinaman.  I’m looking at you ‘Billy’ Ching.
  • ESPN bloggers take on the draft – Mike Iupati Guard to the Gmen.  Good lord, lets hope these guys are wrong.
  • Mike Lombardi says‘If the Giants draft DE Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida, which is possible, they’ll get calls on Osi Umenyiora — and I hear if the deal is right, they’ll make a deal. Umenyiora can be had for the right price.’

As for the last item from Mike Lombardi, one can almost mark it down for not happening simply because Lombardi is reporting it.  He seems to latch onto every rumor like a blind man with darts..eventually he will hit the board.  I can’t see this happening simply because Osi is a relatively cheap player this season.

Why would the Giants trade him in a year where he’s playing for bargain money and is a big part of the pass rush?  Is a raw prospect going to replace Osi’s production?  If our experiments with Kiwi and Sintim show us anything…certainly not.  It takes time.  If this happens, I would say that this makes us a weaker team for the coming season.  I do not think that Osi is done as a player; and at his salary and possible production, the Giants should take a page from the Bungles book and make a disgruntled player play.

In other news, several of you loyal Giants fans probably got the email from the Gmen asking you to use that extra $30 grand you have lying around for club seats in the new stadium.  This video is kind of cool, though it’s filled with spots in the stadium that most of us will never see.   However, you better OWN IT like the team demands.  Because we all know what happens when you don’t own it….

The fact that you can’t OWN IT makes you even weaker than we all already think you are!

I’m extreeeemely dumbfounded.  Grillo!


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