Posted by: giantspeculation | 04/22/2010

Giants Select Jason Pierre-Paul

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. get a huge project.

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. pick a guy with 7 starts.

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. kiss Osi Umenyiora goodbye.

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. select Jason Pierre-Paul.

I HATE this pick. Every time he was mentioned in mock drafts I spat on the author. And for good reason. This is not a need pick or best player available pick. It defies logic. And, much like the death of my grandfather, makes me question the existence of god (this time god is Jerry Reese, not Santa Claus… he’s the god of normal people right).

Now part of the blame can be placed on the murderer’s row of perennial losers of Cleveland, Oakland and Buffalo who in 3 swift picks whiped the Giant’s safe picks clean. These teams deserve to be picking at the top of the draft year in and year out. These were horrible picks that altered the course of the draft for the Giants.

So what happened. With the 7th pick Cleveland is up and is in desperate need of a QB or S. Jimmy Clausen? Earl Thomas? Instead they draft CB Haden. Fine. Not what I would have done but he is the best CB in the draft. Next up the always interesting Raiders. Oakland needs…….. offense. But especially could use help at the two cornerstones of an offense LT and QB. But draft LB Rolando McLain. Horrendous. Horrible pick. And takes away the most popular Giant’s pick in mocks across the nation. And finally Buffalo. The Bills could benefit from Al Davis’s senility and pick up a OT or QB themselves. But somehow makes an equally illogical move and go RB, drafting CJ Spiller??? Insane. This is like a man stranded in the desert without water for days getting one wish and asking for more comfortable shoes.

Unprecedented. The Giants entire board changes in three straight idiotic moves and a seemingly intelligent man like JR must not have been able to foresee this happening.

So dizzy from the lunacy that unfolded before them the Giants decide to say, “Hey, we got f*cked with some crazy picks. So let’s make one of our own. Pick the huge, athletic freak with no experience and horrible form out of South Florida.”

Now, with Rolando and Spiller off the board the talent remaining was thin. But this pick is highly risk. JPP is a project. Very similar to Jevon Kearse. A tremendous un-molded, athlete. But Kearse is not looked upon fondly by the team that drafted him, Tennessee. That is because by the time he reached his peak he was no longer a Titan. His time in Tennessee was hampered by injuries due to poor form. Which is exactly what I can see happening with JPP.

Furthermore, I don’t expect JPP to see the field much, if at all, his rookie season under TC. And if he does it will be purely on passing downs which may have you thinking about the logistics of that. On passing downs you have Kiwi and Tuck. Osi who also comes in only on passing downs. And Canty (the highest paid defensive player not named Antrel Rolle) in the middle with Justin. Add in Sintim blitzing from the strong-side and the field is pretty filled.

So that means one of two things: 1) our first round pick will have no impact on the 30th ranked defense in the NFL or 2) Osi is gone. Either is a scary, depressing thought.

I do not like this pick. What a horrible night. And thanks to the DOPES at the NFL we get to wait 24 hours for round 2 and possibly some relief. By the way, thanks for ruining my excuse to drink at noon on a Saturday.

But…… in JR we trust……for now.


JPP’s scouting report from Scout Inc:

Scouts Inc. Pros: Shows good anticipation of the snap count and a quick first step. Bends naturally around the edge. Uses long arms and hands to keep offensive tackles from engaging. Flashes the ability to generate leverage and rock tackles back into the pocket on occasion. Shows a wide variety of pass rush moves and can counter back inside once engaged by the tackle. Runs a tight loop inside on twists and shows above-average closing burst when he gets a lane to the quarterback.

Scouts Inc. Cons: Needs to play with lower pad level. Struggles to generate leverage and anchor when teams elect to run at him. Will turn his back to the play against double-teams and is easily rooted off the line of scrimmage when he does. Still learning how to use his hands properly to disengage. Still developing overall instincts and needs to a better job of sniffing out screens and draws.



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