Posted by: giantspeculation | 04/25/2010

New Giants Stadium Photo Tour

New Giants Stadium

GiantSpeculation went to an open house at the new Giants Stadium (which is what it will be called until the naming rights are bought, unless of course they are bought by Giant chain of grocery stores, which would be a sweet technicality; suck it Woody Johnson). Go to our Flickr page for a photo tour.

The new stadium is very impressive. It is very large. Much bigger inside than it appears from the outside. The sight lines are great and very similar to the old stadium. The concourses are huge with tons of food options and a lot more bathrooms. The flow of fans into and out of the stadium should be much better. It is a new stadium with all of the luxuries a new stadium brings. The screens are massive and the sound is much better. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. And the luxury suites are AMAZING. Simply put.

However, it is very grey inside. It doesn’t have the same character the old stadium has. This is because the designers needed to keep the colors very neutral between the two teams. But it has a very sterile feel. The parking and traffic situation as of now is actually worse than the old stadium, but that hopefully will be improved once the old stadium comes down. Finally, the corporate presence even without the naming rights sponsor is pervasive throughout.

But in general I really liked the new stadium and you can really appreciate where your money as a season-ticket holder is going. Let’s just hope the team on the field is just as rewarding.


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