Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 04/27/2010

Water Cooler Draft Talk

 Are the New York Giants ready for hyphenated jerseys?  Thats the biggest question coming out of the 2010 draft where ‘boom or bust’ Jason Pierre-Paul led the host of defensive talent brought in to bolster this teams traditional strength.  The Gmen sent a pretty clear message that no one’s playing time, job, or extra pie will be guaranteed on the defensive line this season.

I’ll refrain from analyzing the players individually since I hate that more than Larry King hates matrimony (hiyo!).  Looking at the positions drafted, DLine is obviously the major concern for the team.  It speaks volumes that Barry Cofield was set to be traded to the Saints during the draft.  Clearly J.R and T.C thought they needed (some JPP, Yea! you know me!) to regain the defensive line pressure that went missing last year. The shocking thing is that the team didn’t address MLB until the fourth round.  Though Dillard may turn out to be a decent player, its asking a lot of a mid round draft pick to be the anchor of a highly paid/touted defense.  However, credit has to be given to the team for not just accepting last season’s DLine performance as a result of injuries or a ‘down year’.

With 4 out of 7 picks in the front 7, at minimum there has been some good competition coming up in camp.  Now it seems that J.R is still going to make moves to shore up the defense, with the mild interest in John Henderson.  Henderson would be a nice upgrade from Rocky Bernard’s disappointing reign of terror as a below par sub.   Perhaps they are going to look to add some veteran competition for the LB spots.  I wouldn’t mind Adalius Thomas getting a chance to compete against Sintim. The MLB spot is still weak with Goff and Dillard, so a veteran here would be a gift from the gods. There will have to be some changes along the DT/DE’s at some point as the Giants have more Dlineman now than minorities have debt. 

Here are some tidbits that were interesting:

– Jeff Feagles possibly retiring?  Digesting that is difficult, but as Coughlin said, he is in fact 44.  Even the 7th round punter might be a project according to some scouting reports, so is a veteran punter coming into camp?  Other than the incomparable Jy Bond of course.

– Safety Chad Jones seems to have as big an upside as any player the Giants selected other than JPP. He seems to be a big time hitter, however didn’t have many picks. Comically, in several reports in mentioned he might be better at intercepting the ball now that he’s completely committed to football instead of football/baseball. Really? Was he thinking of spring training while breaking up a curl?  Makes sense.

– Should the addition of all these safeties mean Michael Johnson is a goner?  Money Bags Rolle, Chad Jones, KP, and Deon Grant seem to be locks to make it…so the starting safety on the Super Bowl team might be gone.  Amazing that this position has been completely overhauled just 2 years after Johnson and James Butler played above average football as a tandem on a title team.

– Why is Matt Millen on ESPN’s draft coverage at all?  He is on record as being the GM of an 0-16 team and drafting these gems.  Calling Jaws a ‘Pollock’ was the best thing he has done in a draft room since he was drafted out of Penn State in 1980. 

– Here’s the list of FA’s and rookie camp participants.  Not much popping off the page here.  There’s a 33 year old former Marine, a couple of LB’s including Micah Johnson of Kentucky who probably has a bionic knee after all the injuries, and local ‘Gers product Tim Brown who is 5’7 and 150 pounds yet probably better than Sinorice Moss.

Stay tuned for my esteemed colleague and green card sponsor, Giantspeculation, with his highly anticipated draft review.


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