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A look back…to the future



Since it seems to be a useless task to try and project where the current crop of Gmen draftees are going to end up, it’s a somewhat productive task to see how the last few year’s draft picks have fared.  Judging from the drafts that J.R has had so far, he has stocked this team with some quality talent over the last three years.   Today we will take a look at the last three drafts and see where the players from those crapshoots have ended up.  We’ll start with 2007, J.R’s magnum opus.  Without further adieu, here we go….


Aaron Ross, CB, Texas

Ross is a good player, however not great. He seems to have the potential to play better than he has. Last season, he missed almost the whole season with a hamstring injury, and hopefully this year and get back on the upward swing he was on in 2007 and 2008.

Steve Smith, WR, USC

The best WR the Giants have had in…umm…about 50 years.  Smith has produced more than any fan could reasonably expect from a guy who was second fiddle to Dwayne Jarrett at USC.  Now that Jarrett is languishing on the fringes in Carolina, Smith has improved his game every year and is clearly Eli’s favorite target.  The man is a third down machine.

Jay Alford, DT, Penn State

Our long snapper and potential stud in the DT rotation. Reading back to some reports following the 07 draft, many called this pick risky and stated that Alford could have been taken at least a round later.  Does it matter?  An important part of the DT’s and a good snapper…plus he destroyed Brady on second down on the last drive of the SB.

Zak DeOssie, LB, Brown

Good special teamer, but probably will never be a rotational LB in the league. He seems to lack the athleticism needed to play every down.

Kevin Boss, TE, Western Oregon

Ah, the NFL studs that come out of Western Oregon. Boss is a quality player who does his job as well as takes some vicious hits and keeps on going. Will probably never be the type of impact player that J.Shock was, but makes up for it by being quiet and doing his job.

Adam Koets, T, Oregon State

The jury is still out on Koets.  He is athletic and potential filled, but he hasn’t been progressing as some in the organization had hoped.

Michael Johnson, S, Arizona

An unbelievable steal in the 7th round. Even though Johnson has been getting destroyed by the media and JR for last years ineptitude, this guy clearly has the talent to play in this league.  Played well for two seasons before regressing last year, but the glass is half full, so lets say his best days still may be ahead.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Marshall

Yet another great selection in the 7th round.  Giants fans love Ahmad for his effort when running.  Every time he touches the ball, he runs as if the world is against him.  He made unbelievable contributions in 2007, and was the teams best back in the playoffs.


Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

KP looked like he was on the cusp of big things last season when he went down in Dallas and ended his season.  He is an immensely talented safety who has the potential to be a star in this league, if his knee can hold up for the long haul. 

Terrell Thomas, CB, USC

A great pick in the second round. TT has cracked the starting lineup and has overcome his injury history at USC.  Arguably better than Aaron Ross, the first rounder from the previous year.

Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

Super Mario is an enigma wrapped in a riddle trapped in a rhyme.  As a collegian I watched this guy continually kill my Nittany Lions and hated him like a southerner hates muslims. Watching him now, its clear that he has all the talent in the world.  If he can work on the finer points of the game (route running!), he can be a force. 

Bryan Kehl, LB, BYU

Too early to call Kehl a disappointment, but he is a guy who seems to be stuck in neutral.  Signs of progress have been slow to appear, and his injuries haven’t helped.

Jonathan Goff, LB, Vanderbilt

Goff had some moments last year after AP went down, but it seems obvious that he is coming from BYU to the NFC East.  He will need to further refine his game and progress as an overall force, and this season he has the opportunity to seize the MLB job.  This season is huge for Goff.

Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

Not much to say here. A complete waste of a pick.  Sadly, not as good as former Kentucky stud and fatty food focus group member Jared Lorenzen. 

Robert Henderson, DE,Southern Miss

A swing and a miss.  Currently on Seattle’s roster.  Hey, can’t win ’em all in the 7th round.


Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

Could very well be the star WR to replace Plax. Shows big game potential when given the opportunity and had the best rookie year of any WR the Giants have ever had.  Exciting is a mild word to describe the prospects of this kid’s future.

Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

A ‘versatile athelete’ of the type that J.R. loves. Reports described Sintim as a ‘tweener’ type who was developmental last year.  This season he has a chance to make his mark with the OLB job wide open for the taking.  Expect him to win the job and then the true evaluation of his talent can begin.

William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

Highly rated OT who was also a bit on the raw side.  The team, at least according to reports, love this player and are excited about his potential. There has even been talk of him taking over one of the tackle spots. Performed decently in spot duty last year, and the experience in those games will help him progress as a player.

Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly

Probably the most exciting upside of any player in this draft class.  The pharaoh didn’t play much last season due to the depth at WR, his own development coming from football powerhouse Cal Poly, as well as his inability to play specials.  Coaches and fans are expecting big things from this kid in the near present.  If he can translate his skills and learn the NFL game, he has the body to be a beast.

Travis Beckhum, TE, Wisconsin

A talented player who hasn’t done much yet to help this team. Another guy who has had a season to develop himself into a meaningful part of the offense. He should be a valuable member of two TE sets with Bossman as the blocker.  The man has talent..the question is what he will do with it.

Andre Brown, RB, North Carolina State

Andre Brown was being touted as the ‘steal of the draft’ by some talking heads last season, and promptly blew out his knee before the season started. This follows a lengthy injury history in college that was the reason he dropped in the first place. If healthy, he can certainly move up the RB chart for this team. J.R might be banking on it since he has chosen not to beef up the RB crew in the offseason, even though pretty much all of them have some sort of injury issue.

Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State

The jury is still out on this one. Bomar is talented and was in the mix at Oklahoma when Sam Bradford was a freshman.  Dismissed his sophomore year for some NCAA nonsense, Bradford seized the opportunity like manifest destiny.  Bomar has been a hermit ever since, and hopefully can beat out Jim Sorgi out for the second QB spot. If he fails, he will be there with Andre Wright as questionable J.R QB moves.

DeAndre Wright, CB, New Mexico

Another player who may have some potential, but was unable to stick with the team. Is currently on the Vikings roster.

Stoney Woodson, CB, South Carolina 

Stoney, we hardly knew ye.  Currently in Tampa bringing Rhonde Barber his breakfast sandwich every morning.


In other news, the long storied career of Jeff Feagles has ended.  Most Giants fans with half a brain know how valuable Feagles has been with his years on this team.  He is a consummate pro and as MJD has stated in the shutdown corner, the last NFL player remaining who was in Tecmo Super Bowl.  Hopefully Coughlin can convince him to come to camp to help the younger players learn the craft from a man who’s practiced it for almost a quarter century.  Thanks for the memories Jeff.


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