Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 06/14/2010

We talkin’ bout practice!

This grass smells new.  Thanks Timex!

The dangerously tedious post draft football months finally somewhat end tomorrow when the Giants open mandatory  mini camp for three fun filled days.   Thank god too, because this blog was going unused  like that condom in my wallet throughout high school.  The next thing you know, you open it up and it doesn’t work..bam! Clap. 
Mini camp is sure to be overly exposed and analyzed for what it really is, a glorified 3 day practice where basics are going to get put in.  However, since we need football like the coldest drink on the hottest day, its time for camp battles:

–  A lot of Ramses love coming out for the second consecutive off-season.  It’s exciting because it might be true, he could be a star in the making.  At training camp last year, he was a huge man on the field even though  he was unpolished.  Of course, we’ve heard Sinorice talked up in the off-season his whole career.  We await his Wes Welker like abilities like starving Africans.  Hopefully the pharaoh makes some progress on the crowded depth chart.  If he can give Hixon a push it probably helps in both the pass game and the return game. 

– Defense! Defense! Defense! 
The Unit under the most pressure since the Saints torched em like a crack pipe last season in NO is coming in to a huge off-season.  The above mentioned hype machine will surely result in at least one day of pure Gerris Wilkinson articles telling the world how athletic and ‘fluid’ he looks. 

Perry Fewell is going to get a lot of attention as the next guy who tries to rewarm the seat of Spags.  He’s been animated and vocal in the mini camps so far, so as in any early relationship, there’s love all around.  Players/media/eggheads have been talking up his ‘multiple fronts’ and how the defense won’t be all Cover 2.  Sounds great, but talk to me week 5.

Most of the draft and offseason has been dedicated to defense and namely safeties, so the D-Line and the backfield bear watching.  For what exactly?  Who runs through the tires fastest of course.  It should be exciting come training camp to see how athletic the Million Dollar baby A.Rolle looks in the backfield.  Meanwhile, back to tending to the séance for KP’s knee.

– The O line and running game is going to be a big priority to improve in this coming camp.  The seeds of the O line battles that are predicted by most should start to sprout this week.  Lets see how Beatty looks pushing for a starting spot. 

Is Brandon Jacobs the most overrated player in the NFL?  Questionable at best.  If the line play improves and BJ can stay healthy for his usual 1960 style 14 game season, he should have another good year.  The issues here comes from expectations.  BJ is never going to be a 1500 yard back; he isn’t an elite runner.  He’s a bruiser good for about 1000 at best, maybe 1100.  His main job is to set the tone and pick up tough yards up the middle.  Last year wasn’t good, but he isn’t washed up.  Anyway, can a player who’s part of a split backfield really be the most overrated player in the whole League? 

– Eli.  It has to be part of any Giants off-season analysis.  He made big steps last season, so dare we say the media’s questions about him have ended? I won’t have it!  After last season, the offense is expected to do big things.  Most people have accepted that only the defense really needs to improve; that the offense is pretty good.  Since its Eli’s ship, its up to him to show that this group of receivers, backs, and linemen are all going to improve and come out even better than last season.  The O seems to have a ton of quality tools, so anything other than being a scary offense is going to be a disappointment.  For the love of god, score in the red zone!

Tried to watch futbol the other day.  Eh.  Any game that doesn’t have a winner has an inherent weakness that it just can’t overcome.  I’ll still watch it because lets face it…summer baseball sucks.  In a related story, you know that the U.S sports coverage, even though they are pushing their ‘enthusiasm’ for the world cup, still know they can’t sell soccer to America.  Its clear when regular non soccer sports reporters are covering the game on TV.  Jeremy Schapp is the best person that can tell me about this match?  Isn’t he usually wedged in T.O’s ass?  I thought the rest of the world watched soccer…get me an Scotsman dammit.  Why is Peter King there?!  

And now to violate the spirit of the above rant and offer thoughts on another sport.: Celtics are taking this.  Rondo is evidently amazing.  He is the only the player who‘s come up big consistently in big spots out of either team..   Why do Paul Pierce’s moves look like he’s constantly in slow motion?  And of course, (take note NFL) way too many penalties in these games! Every pump fake is not a definite foul! Finally, Kobe will never be Jordan.  He is a great scorer…but he can’t all around dominate like MJ.  He hasn’t had a big time play at the end of any of these games and we’re 5 in.  Another pretender to the throne.  Jordan? Please.


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