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Albany time baby!



This is truly Eli’s offense now and he has shown that he can handle the pressure of the biggest moments.  His camp needs to be about his leadership and consistency.  Chemistry with the receivers is key, and with this group it seems to be growing every year.  Thank jesus we don’t need to hear about Shockey and Plax working out in Miami anymore.

Jim Sorgi seems to be the backup. What is there to say other than if Eli goes down its all over. OVER.  I had more confidence with Carr or even Kent Graham.  Rhett Bomar? He better make the roster with his performance, or he will be gone. Please beat Sorgi.

Running Backs/Full Backs

The success of the backfield is going to depend on their ability to come back strong after going under the knife.  Jacobs is coming off offseason surgery after proclaiming that his foot was giving him issues all last season.  The doubters have come out of the woodwork proclaiming that Jacobs is overrated and slow.  If the Oline comes back stronger this season and BJ hits the hole with toughness and burst like he did in the past, I think he has a chance to get back to his 900 – 1000 yard seasons.  If Jacobs and have productive touches, life is much easier for the rest of the stable. 

Ahmad Bradshaw’s challenge this year will be to stay healthy for the whole season.  When healthy, which seems to be rare, Bradshaw looks like a starter on most teams. However with last years injuries to both knees, he needs to show he can handle a big workload and actually keep his body intact.

Between Gartrell Johnson and DJ Ware, I would have to go with Gartrell only because Ware has been on this team for multiple years and has done absolutely nothing.  Gartrell is nothing special, but has a nice physical running style.  Andre Brown is a guy who has sparked some optimistic chatter, but its hard to buy in when this man’s ACL’s are like worn down rubber bands.

Madison Hedgecock is an animal.  Jerome Johnson…you probably won’t be here long.

Offensive Line

There should be some quality competition going on in camp in the trenches.Of course there are a few givens on the O line that was touted as one of the best in the league just a year ago until a subpar runblocking year last season. Shaun O’Hara is the man at center.  Chris Snee is a given at guard.  Kareem McKenzie? Eh…maybe.  It seems that Kareem is probably still the starting RT, though perhaps Guy Whimper or Adam Koets might push him in camp.

One of the more interesting battles is going to be William Beatty and David Diehl.  It doesn’t seem to me that Diehl is as bad as people make him out to be at the LT spot, however he is going to have a fight on his hands.  Beatty is getting a lot of hype, so lets see how he responds.  If he wins the spot, all indications point to Diehl kicking inside and Seubert to the pine. 

This unit has a lot to prove this season after not playing up to their standards last year.  If they can get better, expect the run game to be back to its dominate self if the backs stay healthy. 

Mitch Petrus probably isn’t going to contribute much this year other than being a bringer of donuts, coffee and hookers.  Dennis Landolt, Herb Taylor and Jim Cordle could provide some bodies to beat on for the Dlineman in camp.

Wide Receivers

This is the most solid group of pass catchers the Giants have had in recent memory. Maybe longer. We know that Hakeem Nicks and Steve Smith are the starting pair.  Smith played outrageous last year with his over a hundo performance.  Dare I say he’s the Truth?  Its amazing that Eli looks for him on third down constantly and he still manages to get open.  Nicks had a great rookie year and looks poised to be a big playmaker this year.  These two should be a handful for defenses.

The third spot is going to be interesting. All signs point to Mario having a bigger impact this season after putting up good numbers a year ago. If these mysterious ‘head/concentration’ issues we constantly hear about get resolved this season, this guy can really emerge.  Can he run routes inbounds more often than 85% of the time?

Ramses Barden is probably the most intriguing reciever on the roster.  The guy is a monster physically, and if he can put it somewhat together he would provide a big red zone target.  I expect the pharaoh to show up this year, at least in situational packages. 

The rest of the cast gets a bit murky.  Sinorice Moss will probably make the final roster…but why?! Expect to hear that he’s having a great camp per usual this season, only to disappear come actual football.  He has had some chances to seize a receiver spot in the past two seasons and has made no moves so is this the breakout? Nah.  Derek Hagan beat Sinorice for playing time in spots last year, and this year probably will be the same.  Hagan also earns his coin on specials.  A guy that can compete for one of these bottom spots is Tim Brown.  He is as tiny as Moss, so why not replace a tiny fast guy with another tiny fast guy?  Brown overall was more productive in college at the ‘gers than Moss at the U.

The Dreamers:

Jake Ballard
Duke Calhoun
Victor Cruz
Adam Jennings

 Tight Ends

The Bossman is clearly the man in this group.  Boss can be a beast in the passing game if he gets more opportunities.  With the receivers the Giants can put on the field, his best chances will probably in 2 WR spots. He put up 42 catches last year so he is still one of Eli’s favorites.  Boss’s biggest issue is his blocking which is only marginal.  Travis ‘Bickle’ Beckum has the same blocking shortcomings, thought he is a pretty athletic pass catching prospect. 

Scott Chandler and Bear Pascoe round out this group.  One of these two better be hitting the blocking sled hard because that is the ticket to making the roster this season.  Lets pull for Bear…because his name is freakin Bear.

Two Words: Darcy Johnson

We’ll miss you at camp.



NFC Championship game survivor Lawrence Tynes returns as the kicker.  Tynes gives fans emotional punches to the face with his erratic kicking, but at this point he seems to be the best option.  Kickers however are expendable, and Tynes has been here for 3 seasons, so he’s seat is perpetually warm.


Sadly, God has decided that Jeff ‘Coffin Kickin’ Feagles will no longer be our punter. God or Feagles himself, whatever. Matt Dodge is the rook the Giants are starting camp with.  Scared yet?  I fear the rookie punter after so many years of Feagles’ steady kicking.  Dodge is on thin ice even before venturing onto the field because he is a punter and punters are interchangeable if/when they start to struggle.  Any sign of not being the real deal, and the Giants will probably reach out to the nearest pro sitting on their couch.

Return man

A clear spot to make the team here for any young fast return man.  After Hixon unfortunately went down for the season in minicamp (Screw you Timex! ) the position is wide open.  Aaron Ross has openly been campaigning for the job, though he is already fragile, and taking shots from guys running 60 yards full tilt seems…kinda dumb.  Not to mention the fact that I have Jason Sehorn memories. They keep me up on Tuesdays.  There will be a wide open competition for both punt and kick returner in camp and should be a good one to watch.  Can someone replace the impact return plays Hixon made?



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