Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 08/05/2010

4 Days in…

Camp rumors and ramblings from around the dubya dubya dubya have made the mundane work hours staring at the computer screen somewhat worthwhile again.  Of course one piece of near tragic news snapped me out of ogling the girls of the work-unblocked Sears catalog this week.  Loosing Hakeem would have a rough blow on any the news that he’s good to go is a missed calamity.  Breathe.  I’d thank god but he hates me for stealing his likeness off of lawns and partaking in debauchery bathed in his warm glow. 

The news has generally been positive out of camp so far as expected.  Pro athletes other than Albert Haynesworth probably should look good in tshirt and shorts practice.  Some of the alignments that have been discussed as possibilities on the Dline have been interesting. 

Pat Kirwan at Giants camp on Monday this week mentioned the possibility of using Canty as a DE on run situations as a better option than the more lithe Osi or Kiwi.  Using a 5 man front chatter has also been detected, much like last year.  Even news of the usual camp stars, Sinorice and Goff, has been as ever-present as always.

– Osi talked about being the possibility of being a backup and vowed to be the ‘best bench player ever’.  He seems to be content in his role on the team and comfortable in the defense, which is a positive.  Is this sincere or bs?  I’d have to err on the side of sincere only because the whole story with Osi being so unhappy appeared to be blown up a little by the media. 

 The man was pissed he was benched. Who wouldn’t be?  He even declared he’d retire rather than come of the bench, which is clearly just hyperbole.  In addition of hip issue, the rotation should be a good thing for Osi and the rest of the defensive line because of the injury history and wear and tear.   The rotation is key and honestly just renders who the ‘starter’ is to just a prestige thing.  There should be a lot of plays to go around.

– Steve Smith vowed revenge on Michael Johnson.  Michael Johnson fires back with shot about the Pro Bowl.  Who doesn’t like this?  Hilarious addition to this burgeoning rivalry with the Panthers.  The only problem is that revenge for Smith might have to come on a random sideline brawl since MJ will most likely be sittin on that brand spanking new Meadowlands bench.

– Plaxico back in the Giants uniform?  Can there really be a chance of this?  It seems that Plax’s problem even before he kept it so ‘real’ was his inability to follow the basic rules of the team.  The team voluntarily suspended him pre-shooting, so who is to say they are going to take a 33 year old prison hardened Plax back?  Unlikely.  Unless they need someone to show the team how to make a shank out of a toothbrush or wine out of a bag of orange peels on a radiator.

– The defensive feedback so far has been all positive.  Perry Fewell has gotten rave reviews for his enthusiasm and planned on ‘mixing schemes’ and such. Lets all take a step back and remember these words sound very familiar.  It’ll be a while until people can buy into this defense as being back to its elite form.  Maybe some games and even wins might help. 

Fewell’s specialty is the secondary and pass coverage and so far out of camp the CBs and safeties have all reportedly been playing well.  Webster, Rolle, TT and even Bruce Johnson has been mentioned in many a training camp day review.  Lets hope this all translates onto the field like the coming together of a coffee and a cigarette.

GiantSpeculation hits the road tomorrow for the annual trip to U of Albany.  Beware cutters and fatty’s.  Time to get saucy and try to convince a stripper to ignore picking up her child at 3 am and come back to my hotel for adult fun time only to be rejected and end up in a Dunkin Donuts begging for donuts at 4 am.  Ah if those fields could talk.   

Next stop…training camp baby!


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