Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 08/19/2010

Bring on the Steelers

Hit me in the face! Again!

With trashtalk as intense as a Howell beer pong game, the preseason opener couldn’t get here fast enough.  Or could it?  After the requisite ESPN grundle licking of Rex’s crew, the game finally came. And much like Chris Carter’s grammer, it was ugly.  Some quick observations from Game 1 of the Giants rollercoaster for the year:

– The first team offense was not impressive.  Even though the line was depleted and Steve Smith was out, I expected some semblance of an organized professional offense.  Eli and the starters could really get nothing done.  The run game with Ahmad starting and BJ coming off the pine was going nowhere.  The passing game was equally awful save a catch by Nicks and the 50+ broken play to Bradshaw. 

Eli getting destroyed on the audible in the ‘green zone’ was a thing of sheer circus music-like farce.  Though Eli says it was his fault, who knows?  BJ and Eli have to be on the same page by now at the line.  Lets hope this is a momentary misstep and not the reason BJ is on the second team.  My life flashed before my eyes when Calvin Pace killed Eli’s blindside.

The line throughout the first half seemed to have no answers for all out blitzes or even safeties coming down.  There were all too many free shots at Eli and especially Sorgi.

– First team defense?  Eh.  Rolle made an immediate statement after the Sanchize threw ill advised throw into double coverage and got it popped up.  Other than that highlight play, the defense left a little to be desired.  The Jets put together some nice drives with a good run and pass mix that yielded some big chunks.  Seeing some LB’s getting beaten on crossing routes by RB’s was all too familiar.  But I shan’t panic right?  Its game 1 of a brand new system. It’ll take into the season to get it completely right. It’ll be fine. It’s still good. It’s still good. More beer.

On the plus side, the defense did hold the Jets to FG’s.

– Specials? Ha! Dodge had a punt blocked and according to MG, hangtime of .01 on one punt. Not good. He has a leg, but much like my velourious Dodge Dynasty, he might just not have it in him. Can hang time really be taught?
– Nice back to back plays by Dillard and Linval in the second quarter. Linval looks like could be something quality.  Dillard had a play where he was destroyed across the middle by the Jets RB on a third down. He did show some legs on that play though, so maybe with more experience he can make that play.  JPP looks huge, fast, and a man with a sack.

– The plays where Sorgi could actually stand upright for more than 2 seconds, he made some decent throws. Way to stay in the pocket and take a big shot, something David Carr couldn’t seem to do.  Of course, as a result, he’s now injured for 3 weeks.

– Some big cushions on pass plays.  Is this the zone? My god.

– Victor Cruz! I’ve drank the kool-aid, but that’s probably because I’ve been brewing the Anti-Sinorice kool-aid in my bathroom for the last 2 months. Cruz made some great catches and showed great adjustment on balls in the air.  Of course, Sinorice has had some nice preseason performances  himself. Cruz’s catches came against Colemen and Dwight Lowry, who are significant pieces of the Jets defense, so that was a great sign.

– Andre Brown…welcome back to football.  Of course, the blocked punt falls right on his shoulders as does the complete lack of kick returns.  However, he did have some decent runs in the second half.  Since most of the run game was iffy, I can’t blame it only on this guy.


Break out your Dom Randolph QB jerseys for the Steelers game this Saturday. Keith Bullock and Kenny Philips will be playing which is great news. 

So will Big Ben…hide your daughters folks.


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