Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 08/21/2010

Rooney’s vs. Mara’s: Kate Mara Bowl

“Okay, punching isn’t your thing.  But that’s okay.  You’re not
       that kind of fighter.  What you’re gonna do is stand there while
       your opponent gets exhausted from over-punching.”

The Rhett Bomar era has officially begun! The long anticipated start for former Sooner Bomar has finally come to fruition. I knew I bought this bottle of Blue Label for a reason. With the offense line being spotty with injuries, it would be unfair to judge Bomar only on this performance, but its America baby..instant gratification.  Some quick beer induced game thoughts for your melon: 

  •  Deihl was moved into the guard spot today and Beatty manned the tackle spot.  Beatty seemingly missed a few blitz pickups, but its impossible to say if those rushers where his responsibility.  Still, some poor blitz pickup for the second straight week.
  • CWeb with a nice pick following the ball in the air. Nice play.  The bad?  Ben had about 20 minutes to throw the ball, and that is usually a bad sign. 
  • Nice job by Nicks getting tossed in the first 2 minutes.  At least throw some punches.  Ike Taylor beat on him like Santino Corleone beating Carlo in front of his stoop.
  • Some improvement by Matt Dodge as the game went on, but the first two punts were terrible.  Line drives with no hangtime and easily returnable.  He did boom a nice 55+ yarder later in the game. Consistency.
  • 12 min mark in the 2nd quarter. 3rd and 14.  Aaron Ross needs to play tighter than that. A plainly simple completion for Ben on third and long.
  • Great goal line stand on that same drive.  Giants goal line package looked good here and the last drive of the half.  Way to hold teams to FG’s…this was a good pattern continuing from last game.
  • Did Steve Smith get jealous of Mr. Cruz’s in-the-air ball adjustments? Great catch along the left side of the field, following the ball and adjusting over the corner. This guy is the Truth.
  • Nice bounce outside by AB on his run to the pylon.  Boss sealing the side with a great block and Hagan knifing in from the same side to block the angle. Beautiful. Does this mean we can run in the red zone again?
  • Keith Bullock: 6 snaps. 1 big tackle.  19 bars on his facemask.
  • Aaron Ross had a nice return on the 44 yard punt return in the second quarter. That should have been a touchdown if #37 Courtney Brown could have blocked the punter.  The punter! For shame, Courtney.
  • Where was the safety help on that Byron Sandwich touchdown?  Terrible. All too familiar. Mr. Greco, that ones gonna get called out in the film room.
  • First two drives of the second half where terrible for the defense.  Bad tackling. Bad angles. Bad lining up before the snap. Ugly.
  •  Adrian Tracy had a few good plays in the backfield in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter. One play on third down behind the line in particular was excellent.
  • Andre Brown – Still not impressed with the kick returning skills. However he had a good day running the ball with a nice bounce outside for 21 yards in the 2nd.  He had some nice pickups in the shotgun draw play that Gilbride sleeps with under his pillow.
  • Cruz?  2 catches for 30 yards. He had a nice adjustment to a ball thrown in the first half, but wasn’t able to haul it in.  Sinorice must have felt the heat since he decided to put on a uniform and catch a ball for 11 yards.
  •  Have to say I was impressed by Dennis Dixon. Good command of the huddle and the offense and showed some accuracy on throws. Even handled a broken play well, as he bootlegged outside and set up some blocks for a nice gain.

Overall a decent performance.  Blitz pickup seems to be an issue still, but it very well may be because the line is not at full strength. Running game was a little improved, with some big runs on cutbacks. The defense played much better in the first half. Made timely stops and got some good penetration on some plays. Game to game improvement is big, so this was a positive step.

I thought Bomar played ok.  He had some decent moments. He seems to have a live arm and good pocket presence. The kid is not afraid to take a hit to the grill.  However, he is very spotty with the accuracy.  Too many tight throws (slants/outs/etc) where the ball needs to be at a spot where its overthrown.  His pick looked to be a ball that was a little too far ahead on the slant to Mario.  He looks like he still has a ways to go before displacing Sorgi.  But good experience to put in his satchel o’ football knowledge.


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