Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 09/18/2010

Manning vs. Manning II: Battle for Cooper’s love


Dad never loved you, Cooper!

Well since we’ve been basking in the sweet sauce of victory for the last week and completely ignoring the last 3 Gmen games.  Well at least ignoring the recaps.  And that trend will continue with this simply being a look forward to the Manning bowl tomorrow night.

Some random keys to the game from a hazy, recently awoken mind:

  • With all this talk of the Colts run defense, you have to figure they are going to come in determined to stop the run. What does that mean? Probably no changes from a defense scheme aspect, but maybe a safety cheating down into the box on run downs.  If we get decent field position the first drive, a great first play would be a play action pass down the field to loosen the Colts up.  Similar to what the Gmen pulled out in Dallas in 2008.
  •  Speaking of all the run game talk for the Colts and their alleged Super Bowl hangover, lets be serious. This team is still very good and very capable of winning 12 games.  The Colts have had run defense issues in the last several years and it doesn’t seem to affect whether they win or lose.
  • What kind of defensive wrinkles is Perry going to break out?  At this point it has to be a fruitless activity to attempt to confuse Peyton.  What hasn’t he seen?  I would look for variety in the front 7 on the defensive side.  Kiwi was all over the place last week and I would expect even more movement from him as well as the other down lineman.  I’m also fairly sure the base 4-3 defense will be shelved at least for one week.  Lets be honest, do the COlts even have a FB?
  • Which leads to the issue of extra safeties and corners.  Last week the Giants went with 3 safeties (Grant/KP/Rolle) at times instead of an extra corner and this week should be no different.  With Ross back, the Giants can go at least 4 deep to Bruce Johnson before going for an extra safety.  However, I wouldn’t mind seeing either 3 corners and 3 safeties instead of seeing Johnson in the game struggling to comprehend whats happening.
  • Defensively, does anything the Colts do at this point surprise anyone?  Peyton has been running the same offense for 10+ seasons, so you have to figure its similar routes and patterns at this point.  The execution is what separates this team from the rest.  Giants defenders have to keep this in mind and PLAY YOUR MAN/ZONE!  This isn’t a game where I think defensive schemes are going to win it for the Giants. It has to be execution by the players on the field.  This Oline is vulnerable, and the Giants highly touted line has to make plays.  The Gmen have to win the one on one battles.
  • The run game was inconsistent last week at home, and this week it has to be much more even keeled.  Examples?  First half last week, bad runs weren’t just 1 or 2 yard gains, they where 5 yard losses.  We cannot see 2nd and 15 all day again.  This Colts fast/quick defense relies on those long yardage situations to make plays, so the run game has to make sure of making positive yardage on plays that aren’t going to break big.  Consistency!
  • Oline…see above.  How can the pass protection be so good last week and the run blocking be so sub par?  It would be nice to see the Giants line up in 22 personal and pound the ball for positive yardage to establish the line of scrimmage.
  • Third receivers vs. Nickel CB:
    Manningham vs. Jacob Lacey/Deshea Townsend:  Manningham has the talent to take most 3rd CB’s if his head is in the game. He has a chance to make a huge impact if he can make plays down the field in 3 receiver sets.

            Austin Collie vs. Aaron Ross/Deon Grant/B.Johnson:  I’d expect Peyton to test Ross early since this is his first game action in a long time.  He trusts Collie and Collie has rewarded him with making plays.  Ross and the safety/corner combo has to make sure they are not getting burned by Collie or Anthony Gonzalez. 

  • Who covers Dallas Clark?  TE’s are the bane of the Giants defense (along with B.Westbrook) and this guy is a stud.  I would expect to see Mr. Rolle or a corner taking him down the field.  Plays where he is crossing in the shallow middle, will the LB’s break down and make plays?  Lookin at you Boley.
  • Speaking of TE’s, the Giants lovable piece of glass K.Boss is done for this one.  So seeing that the TE is usually a nice weapon against a Cover 2….this might be time for Travis Beckhum to make some plays.  He will have opportunities to cut under the deep MLB for the Colts and be there for some completions.  This guy has shown the fans pretty much nothing so far, so this would be a nice time to show up and make some plays.

 This game is going to be tough matchup.  The Colts are a great team, and reports of their demise may be premature. They are playing at home after dropping their first game.  They are going to come out hot and firing.  It’s a great measuring stick for the Gmen this early in the year.  The improvement in the pass defense, if its real, will be on display against one of the best ever.  We probably won’t see Peyton tossing up some floating gifts into the end zone like Matt Moore, so a more complete game is needed this week. Sloppiness was taking over at times last week, so this game should show how this team is going to play against the best the league has to offer.

If the Giants play a solid error free game and make the plays on defense they made last week, there’s going to be a great chance of winning.  The passing game was on the money last week, and playing indoors in Indy should make them even better. Talent wise the matchup is fair….execution wise, the Gmen need to show they can play with the best.



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