Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 09/23/2010

And…moving on.

This play probably didn’t work.  But it was run 14 times.

Well that was sad.  I still have nightmares of Dwight Freeney blowing by Kareem like Braylon Edwards in a breathalyzer.  There’s really nothing positive to say about last weeks effort other than Matt Dodge’s kicks were straight and far. As says Coughlin at the end of the game.

Michael Johnson getting blown by for a deep touchdown? Check.  Dallas Clark running wild down the middle of the field? Check.  The offensive line laying down at the sight of a pass rush? Of course.  No adjustments to pretty much any of these things? Clearly.  What tis the Cialis for this limp effort?

On the bright side, players have started to mouth off as is custom after a terrible performance.  Antrelle Rolle, how about making some plays before criticizing things like the ‘travel schedule’.  Waaa. I’ve been in my hotel room too long.  Brandon Jacobs seems to enjoy summoning his inner giant angry id only when tossing his helmet at defenseless fans.  Maybe an ounce of that fury could be used while moving forward with the ball.  My prediction of BJ being the back of old are looking like my prediction that Louisiana couldn’t have two bad things happen to it.

Enough venting.  So far through two games this team has been sloppy and hasn’t shown any consistency in any phase of the game.  Hopefully this is the week something starts to come together, whether it be 60 minutes of good offense or 60 minutes of good defense.  Far be it from me to expect both.  Or a healthy dash of both with some specials mixed in. Ah, greediness.

With Chris Johnson coming to town, here’s to assuming this week more than two defensive tackles are going to dress and some sort of run defense shows up.  VY should make the dbacks lives a bit easier, though I’m sort of getting used to seeing Aaron Ross running behind someone making a catch, flailing his arms like a lost fowl.  Welcome back Aaron, how I missed you.

Until this team starts to dominate the line of scrimmage on either side of the ball, the rest of the unit isn’t going to start to gell.  This Oline has to have the pride to bounce back after such a terrible effort last week.  The defensive line, who knows. These highly paid ‘athletic’ lineman can’t seem to win one on one battles at any point.  Someone needs to step up, and I’m almost ready to rule out all the Tuck-being-a-leader talk of the summer.

But I digress.  The G-men are 1-1 and have a shot to beat a good team at home.  Sit back and lift that booze of redemption to your face.  You earned it. Mathias, please tackle VY if given the chance.  Someone step up and make some plays when the chances are there.  The coaches might want to make some adjustments sometime before the game is out of hand; assuming that Fewell will dress 2 Dbacks this week.  Gilbride, feel free to think outside the box and throw a RB in the game that can throw a block or run a screen against a relentless rush.  Coughlin, please dust off the speech you gave a young Steven Baker on a summer day in 1990 and light some fires.

Finally,  a Where Are they Now.  Did you miss Rueben Droughns?  I know I did.  After being cut by the Giants, evidently he has been growing his own ‘medicine’ and Serbia.  I still remember that clutch touchdown against the Bears in 2007 Rueben.  Keep hope alive. You are somebody.


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