Posted by: hawaiianhaircut | 12/07/2010

Message from the Juggernaut


He’s a political prisoner!

After letting this venting board of Giants thoughts and fears collect dust yet again, one might have thought this was the end.  Sometimes all it takes is some inspiration.  And the above image from an espn interview of BJ that I’ve stumbled upon in a post hazy interlude at 1 am is that gem from the football gods.  Enjoy!

In other news, the Gmen are focused and playing good football for a game and half.  If the running game and phenomenal Oline play continues, that would make the jobs of the understaffed receivers easier.  Hagan is doing what Sinorice could never do..step up and make catches. I didn’t think I’d still have to make excuses for Eli throwing picks into triple coverage 7 years in his career…but I digress.  He didn’t see that LB..and corner..and safety!

The defense is causing some turnovers and the Favre pick machine looks rather enticing.  Of course the Vikes are 4-0 in the last 4 meetings against Big Blue, so who knows.  And how bout JPP? Goff? KP? Even Canty?? Playing good ball.  The coverage and pressure is a little soft sometimes without blitzing, but can I complain with the D making big plays all over the field? Of course I can.  Some pressure with just a 4 man front wouldn’t hurt my feelings gentlemen.

-The heads at NFL network   just mentioned Perry Fewell as a candidate in Denver.  Boo-urns.


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