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We talkin’ bout practice!

This grass smells new.  Thanks Timex!

The dangerously tedious post draft football months finally somewhat end tomorrow when the Giants open mandatory  mini camp for three fun filled days.   Thank god too, because this blog was going unused  like that condom in my wallet throughout high school.  The next thing you know, you open it up and it doesn’t work..bam! Clap. 
Mini camp is sure to be overly exposed and analyzed for what it really is, a glorified 3 day practice where basics are going to get put in.  However, since we need football like the coldest drink on the hottest day, its time for camp battles:

–  A lot of Ramses love coming out for the second consecutive off-season.  It’s exciting because it might be true, he could be a star in the making.  At training camp last year, he was a huge man on the field even though  he was unpolished.  Of course, we’ve heard Sinorice talked up in the off-season his whole career.  We await his Wes Welker like abilities like starving Africans.  Hopefully the pharaoh makes some progress on the crowded depth chart.  If he can give Hixon a push it probably helps in both the pass game and the return game. 

– Defense! Defense! Defense! 
The Unit under the most pressure since the Saints torched em like a crack pipe last season in NO is coming in to a huge off-season.  The above mentioned hype machine will surely result in at least one day of pure Gerris Wilkinson articles telling the world how athletic and ‘fluid’ he looks. 

Perry Fewell is going to get a lot of attention as the next guy who tries to rewarm the seat of Spags.  He’s been animated and vocal in the mini camps so far, so as in any early relationship, there’s love all around.  Players/media/eggheads have been talking up his ‘multiple fronts’ and how the defense won’t be all Cover 2.  Sounds great, but talk to me week 5.

Most of the draft and offseason has been dedicated to defense and namely safeties, so the D-Line and the backfield bear watching.  For what exactly?  Who runs through the tires fastest of course.  It should be exciting come training camp to see how athletic the Million Dollar baby A.Rolle looks in the backfield.  Meanwhile, back to tending to the séance for KP’s knee.

– The O line and running game is going to be a big priority to improve in this coming camp.  The seeds of the O line battles that are predicted by most should start to sprout this week.  Lets see how Beatty looks pushing for a starting spot. 

Is Brandon Jacobs the most overrated player in the NFL?  Questionable at best.  If the line play improves and BJ can stay healthy for his usual 1960 style 14 game season, he should have another good year.  The issues here comes from expectations.  BJ is never going to be a 1500 yard back; he isn’t an elite runner.  He’s a bruiser good for about 1000 at best, maybe 1100.  His main job is to set the tone and pick up tough yards up the middle.  Last year wasn’t good, but he isn’t washed up.  Anyway, can a player who’s part of a split backfield really be the most overrated player in the whole League? 

– Eli.  It has to be part of any Giants off-season analysis.  He made big steps last season, so dare we say the media’s questions about him have ended? I won’t have it!  After last season, the offense is expected to do big things.  Most people have accepted that only the defense really needs to improve; that the offense is pretty good.  Since its Eli’s ship, its up to him to show that this group of receivers, backs, and linemen are all going to improve and come out even better than last season.  The O seems to have a ton of quality tools, so anything other than being a scary offense is going to be a disappointment.  For the love of god, score in the red zone!

Tried to watch futbol the other day.  Eh.  Any game that doesn’t have a winner has an inherent weakness that it just can’t overcome.  I’ll still watch it because lets face it…summer baseball sucks.  In a related story, you know that the U.S sports coverage, even though they are pushing their ‘enthusiasm’ for the world cup, still know they can’t sell soccer to America.  Its clear when regular non soccer sports reporters are covering the game on TV.  Jeremy Schapp is the best person that can tell me about this match?  Isn’t he usually wedged in T.O’s ass?  I thought the rest of the world watched soccer…get me an Scotsman dammit.  Why is Peter King there?!  

And now to violate the spirit of the above rant and offer thoughts on another sport.: Celtics are taking this.  Rondo is evidently amazing.  He is the only the player who‘s come up big consistently in big spots out of either team..   Why do Paul Pierce’s moves look like he’s constantly in slow motion?  And of course, (take note NFL) way too many penalties in these games! Every pump fake is not a definite foul! Finally, Kobe will never be Jordan.  He is a great scorer…but he can’t all around dominate like MJ.  He hasn’t had a big time play at the end of any of these games and we’re 5 in.  Another pretender to the throne.  Jordan? Please.

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A look back…to the future



Since it seems to be a useless task to try and project where the current crop of Gmen draftees are going to end up, it’s a somewhat productive task to see how the last few year’s draft picks have fared.  Judging from the drafts that J.R has had so far, he has stocked this team with some quality talent over the last three years.   Today we will take a look at the last three drafts and see where the players from those crapshoots have ended up.  We’ll start with 2007, J.R’s magnum opus.  Without further adieu, here we go….


Aaron Ross, CB, Texas

Ross is a good player, however not great. He seems to have the potential to play better than he has. Last season, he missed almost the whole season with a hamstring injury, and hopefully this year and get back on the upward swing he was on in 2007 and 2008.

Steve Smith, WR, USC

The best WR the Giants have had in…umm…about 50 years.  Smith has produced more than any fan could reasonably expect from a guy who was second fiddle to Dwayne Jarrett at USC.  Now that Jarrett is languishing on the fringes in Carolina, Smith has improved his game every year and is clearly Eli’s favorite target.  The man is a third down machine.

Jay Alford, DT, Penn State

Our long snapper and potential stud in the DT rotation. Reading back to some reports following the 07 draft, many called this pick risky and stated that Alford could have been taken at least a round later.  Does it matter?  An important part of the DT’s and a good snapper…plus he destroyed Brady on second down on the last drive of the SB.

Zak DeOssie, LB, Brown

Good special teamer, but probably will never be a rotational LB in the league. He seems to lack the athleticism needed to play every down.

Kevin Boss, TE, Western Oregon

Ah, the NFL studs that come out of Western Oregon. Boss is a quality player who does his job as well as takes some vicious hits and keeps on going. Will probably never be the type of impact player that J.Shock was, but makes up for it by being quiet and doing his job.

Adam Koets, T, Oregon State

The jury is still out on Koets.  He is athletic and potential filled, but he hasn’t been progressing as some in the organization had hoped.

Michael Johnson, S, Arizona

An unbelievable steal in the 7th round. Even though Johnson has been getting destroyed by the media and JR for last years ineptitude, this guy clearly has the talent to play in this league.  Played well for two seasons before regressing last year, but the glass is half full, so lets say his best days still may be ahead.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, Marshall

Yet another great selection in the 7th round.  Giants fans love Ahmad for his effort when running.  Every time he touches the ball, he runs as if the world is against him.  He made unbelievable contributions in 2007, and was the teams best back in the playoffs.


Kenny Phillips, S, Miami

KP looked like he was on the cusp of big things last season when he went down in Dallas and ended his season.  He is an immensely talented safety who has the potential to be a star in this league, if his knee can hold up for the long haul. 

Terrell Thomas, CB, USC

A great pick in the second round. TT has cracked the starting lineup and has overcome his injury history at USC.  Arguably better than Aaron Ross, the first rounder from the previous year.

Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan

Super Mario is an enigma wrapped in a riddle trapped in a rhyme.  As a collegian I watched this guy continually kill my Nittany Lions and hated him like a southerner hates muslims. Watching him now, its clear that he has all the talent in the world.  If he can work on the finer points of the game (route running!), he can be a force. 

Bryan Kehl, LB, BYU

Too early to call Kehl a disappointment, but he is a guy who seems to be stuck in neutral.  Signs of progress have been slow to appear, and his injuries haven’t helped.

Jonathan Goff, LB, Vanderbilt

Goff had some moments last year after AP went down, but it seems obvious that he is coming from BYU to the NFC East.  He will need to further refine his game and progress as an overall force, and this season he has the opportunity to seize the MLB job.  This season is huge for Goff.

Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky

Not much to say here. A complete waste of a pick.  Sadly, not as good as former Kentucky stud and fatty food focus group member Jared Lorenzen. 

Robert Henderson, DE,Southern Miss

A swing and a miss.  Currently on Seattle’s roster.  Hey, can’t win ’em all in the 7th round.


Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina

Could very well be the star WR to replace Plax. Shows big game potential when given the opportunity and had the best rookie year of any WR the Giants have ever had.  Exciting is a mild word to describe the prospects of this kid’s future.

Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia

A ‘versatile athelete’ of the type that J.R. loves. Reports described Sintim as a ‘tweener’ type who was developmental last year.  This season he has a chance to make his mark with the OLB job wide open for the taking.  Expect him to win the job and then the true evaluation of his talent can begin.

William Beatty, OT, Connecticut

Highly rated OT who was also a bit on the raw side.  The team, at least according to reports, love this player and are excited about his potential. There has even been talk of him taking over one of the tackle spots. Performed decently in spot duty last year, and the experience in those games will help him progress as a player.

Ramses Barden, WR, Cal Poly

Probably the most exciting upside of any player in this draft class.  The pharaoh didn’t play much last season due to the depth at WR, his own development coming from football powerhouse Cal Poly, as well as his inability to play specials.  Coaches and fans are expecting big things from this kid in the near present.  If he can translate his skills and learn the NFL game, he has the body to be a beast.

Travis Beckhum, TE, Wisconsin

A talented player who hasn’t done much yet to help this team. Another guy who has had a season to develop himself into a meaningful part of the offense. He should be a valuable member of two TE sets with Bossman as the blocker.  The man has talent..the question is what he will do with it.

Andre Brown, RB, North Carolina State

Andre Brown was being touted as the ‘steal of the draft’ by some talking heads last season, and promptly blew out his knee before the season started. This follows a lengthy injury history in college that was the reason he dropped in the first place. If healthy, he can certainly move up the RB chart for this team. J.R might be banking on it since he has chosen not to beef up the RB crew in the offseason, even though pretty much all of them have some sort of injury issue.

Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State

The jury is still out on this one. Bomar is talented and was in the mix at Oklahoma when Sam Bradford was a freshman.  Dismissed his sophomore year for some NCAA nonsense, Bradford seized the opportunity like manifest destiny.  Bomar has been a hermit ever since, and hopefully can beat out Jim Sorgi out for the second QB spot. If he fails, he will be there with Andre Wright as questionable J.R QB moves.

DeAndre Wright, CB, New Mexico

Another player who may have some potential, but was unable to stick with the team. Is currently on the Vikings roster.

Stoney Woodson, CB, South Carolina 

Stoney, we hardly knew ye.  Currently in Tampa bringing Rhonde Barber his breakfast sandwich every morning.


In other news, the long storied career of Jeff Feagles has ended.  Most Giants fans with half a brain know how valuable Feagles has been with his years on this team.  He is a consummate pro and as MJD has stated in the shutdown corner, the last NFL player remaining who was in Tecmo Super Bowl.  Hopefully Coughlin can convince him to come to camp to help the younger players learn the craft from a man who’s practiced it for almost a quarter century.  Thanks for the memories Jeff.

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Water Cooler Draft Talk

 Are the New York Giants ready for hyphenated jerseys?  Thats the biggest question coming out of the 2010 draft where ‘boom or bust’ Jason Pierre-Paul led the host of defensive talent brought in to bolster this teams traditional strength.  The Gmen sent a pretty clear message that no one’s playing time, job, or extra pie will be guaranteed on the defensive line this season.

I’ll refrain from analyzing the players individually since I hate that more than Larry King hates matrimony (hiyo!).  Looking at the positions drafted, DLine is obviously the major concern for the team.  It speaks volumes that Barry Cofield was set to be traded to the Saints during the draft.  Clearly J.R and T.C thought they needed (some JPP, Yea! you know me!) to regain the defensive line pressure that went missing last year. The shocking thing is that the team didn’t address MLB until the fourth round.  Though Dillard may turn out to be a decent player, its asking a lot of a mid round draft pick to be the anchor of a highly paid/touted defense.  However, credit has to be given to the team for not just accepting last season’s DLine performance as a result of injuries or a ‘down year’.

With 4 out of 7 picks in the front 7, at minimum there has been some good competition coming up in camp.  Now it seems that J.R is still going to make moves to shore up the defense, with the mild interest in John Henderson.  Henderson would be a nice upgrade from Rocky Bernard’s disappointing reign of terror as a below par sub.   Perhaps they are going to look to add some veteran competition for the LB spots.  I wouldn’t mind Adalius Thomas getting a chance to compete against Sintim. The MLB spot is still weak with Goff and Dillard, so a veteran here would be a gift from the gods. There will have to be some changes along the DT/DE’s at some point as the Giants have more Dlineman now than minorities have debt. 

Here are some tidbits that were interesting:

– Jeff Feagles possibly retiring?  Digesting that is difficult, but as Coughlin said, he is in fact 44.  Even the 7th round punter might be a project according to some scouting reports, so is a veteran punter coming into camp?  Other than the incomparable Jy Bond of course.

– Safety Chad Jones seems to have as big an upside as any player the Giants selected other than JPP. He seems to be a big time hitter, however didn’t have many picks. Comically, in several reports in mentioned he might be better at intercepting the ball now that he’s completely committed to football instead of football/baseball. Really? Was he thinking of spring training while breaking up a curl?  Makes sense.

– Should the addition of all these safeties mean Michael Johnson is a goner?  Money Bags Rolle, Chad Jones, KP, and Deon Grant seem to be locks to make it…so the starting safety on the Super Bowl team might be gone.  Amazing that this position has been completely overhauled just 2 years after Johnson and James Butler played above average football as a tandem on a title team.

– Why is Matt Millen on ESPN’s draft coverage at all?  He is on record as being the GM of an 0-16 team and drafting these gems.  Calling Jaws a ‘Pollock’ was the best thing he has done in a draft room since he was drafted out of Penn State in 1980. 

– Here’s the list of FA’s and rookie camp participants.  Not much popping off the page here.  There’s a 33 year old former Marine, a couple of LB’s including Micah Johnson of Kentucky who probably has a bionic knee after all the injuries, and local ‘Gers product Tim Brown who is 5’7 and 150 pounds yet probably better than Sinorice Moss.

Stay tuned for my esteemed colleague and green card sponsor, Giantspeculation, with his highly anticipated draft review.

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New Giants Stadium Photo Tour

New Giants Stadium

GiantSpeculation went to an open house at the new Giants Stadium (which is what it will be called until the naming rights are bought, unless of course they are bought by Giant chain of grocery stores, which would be a sweet technicality; suck it Woody Johnson). Go to our Flickr page for a photo tour.

The new stadium is very impressive. It is very large. Much bigger inside than it appears from the outside. The sight lines are great and very similar to the old stadium. The concourses are huge with tons of food options and a lot more bathrooms. The flow of fans into and out of the stadium should be much better. It is a new stadium with all of the luxuries a new stadium brings. The screens are massive and the sound is much better. The staff was extremely friendly and helpful. And the luxury suites are AMAZING. Simply put.

However, it is very grey inside. It doesn’t have the same character the old stadium has. This is because the designers needed to keep the colors very neutral between the two teams. But it has a very sterile feel. The parking and traffic situation as of now is actually worse than the old stadium, but that hopefully will be improved once the old stadium comes down. Finally, the corporate presence even without the naming rights sponsor is pervasive throughout.

But in general I really liked the new stadium and you can really appreciate where your money as a season-ticket holder is going. Let’s just hope the team on the field is just as rewarding.

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Video of New Giants Stadium

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Giants Select Jason Pierre-Paul

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. get a huge project.

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. pick a guy with 7 starts.

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. kiss Osi Umenyiora goodbye.

With the 15th overall pick the Giants….. select Jason Pierre-Paul.

I HATE this pick. Every time he was mentioned in mock drafts I spat on the author. And for good reason. This is not a need pick or best player available pick. It defies logic. And, much like the death of my grandfather, makes me question the existence of god (this time god is Jerry Reese, not Santa Claus… he’s the god of normal people right).

Now part of the blame can be placed on the murderer’s row of perennial losers of Cleveland, Oakland and Buffalo who in 3 swift picks whiped the Giant’s safe picks clean. These teams deserve to be picking at the top of the draft year in and year out. These were horrible picks that altered the course of the draft for the Giants.

So what happened. With the 7th pick Cleveland is up and is in desperate need of a QB or S. Jimmy Clausen? Earl Thomas? Instead they draft CB Haden. Fine. Not what I would have done but he is the best CB in the draft. Next up the always interesting Raiders. Oakland needs…….. offense. But especially could use help at the two cornerstones of an offense LT and QB. But draft LB Rolando McLain. Horrendous. Horrible pick. And takes away the most popular Giant’s pick in mocks across the nation. And finally Buffalo. The Bills could benefit from Al Davis’s senility and pick up a OT or QB themselves. But somehow makes an equally illogical move and go RB, drafting CJ Spiller??? Insane. This is like a man stranded in the desert without water for days getting one wish and asking for more comfortable shoes.

Unprecedented. The Giants entire board changes in three straight idiotic moves and a seemingly intelligent man like JR must not have been able to foresee this happening.

So dizzy from the lunacy that unfolded before them the Giants decide to say, “Hey, we got f*cked with some crazy picks. So let’s make one of our own. Pick the huge, athletic freak with no experience and horrible form out of South Florida.”

Now, with Rolando and Spiller off the board the talent remaining was thin. But this pick is highly risk. JPP is a project. Very similar to Jevon Kearse. A tremendous un-molded, athlete. But Kearse is not looked upon fondly by the team that drafted him, Tennessee. That is because by the time he reached his peak he was no longer a Titan. His time in Tennessee was hampered by injuries due to poor form. Which is exactly what I can see happening with JPP.

Furthermore, I don’t expect JPP to see the field much, if at all, his rookie season under TC. And if he does it will be purely on passing downs which may have you thinking about the logistics of that. On passing downs you have Kiwi and Tuck. Osi who also comes in only on passing downs. And Canty (the highest paid defensive player not named Antrel Rolle) in the middle with Justin. Add in Sintim blitzing from the strong-side and the field is pretty filled.

So that means one of two things: 1) our first round pick will have no impact on the 30th ranked defense in the NFL or 2) Osi is gone. Either is a scary, depressing thought.

I do not like this pick. What a horrible night. And thanks to the DOPES at the NFL we get to wait 24 hours for round 2 and possibly some relief. By the way, thanks for ruining my excuse to drink at noon on a Saturday.

But…… in JR we trust……for now.


JPP’s scouting report from Scout Inc:

Scouts Inc. Pros: Shows good anticipation of the snap count and a quick first step. Bends naturally around the edge. Uses long arms and hands to keep offensive tackles from engaging. Flashes the ability to generate leverage and rock tackles back into the pocket on occasion. Shows a wide variety of pass rush moves and can counter back inside once engaged by the tackle. Runs a tight loop inside on twists and shows above-average closing burst when he gets a lane to the quarterback.

Scouts Inc. Cons: Needs to play with lower pad level. Struggles to generate leverage and anchor when teams elect to run at him. Will turn his back to the play against double-teams and is easily rooted off the line of scrimmage when he does. Still learning how to use his hands properly to disengage. Still developing overall instincts and needs to a better job of sniffing out screens and draws.

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Mark it in the calender

The schedule is out and if your worth your salt as a fan of football you’ve already seen and digested it.  Cue the talking heads predicting records and talking about ‘strength of schedule’;   even though only about 5-6 teams are guaranteed to be quality year in and year out.  Below is this year’s timeline and geography of your upcoming emotional rollercoaster that is N.Y Giants football along with some not so insightful thoughts. What do you want..its a holiday.

Week 1
Sept. 12, 1 p.m., Ch. 5
vs. Carolina

This game will get a ton of hype for the stadium that will remain nameless and of  the return of Fox’s crew after they basted the Gmen like a christmas ham last season.  Mmm.  Ham.

Week 2
Sept. 19, 8:20 p.m., Ch. 4
at Indianapolis (Sunday Night Football)

Eli/Peyton II: Cooper Strikes Back. NFL creams itself over advertisting possibilities.  No end to Oreo commercials. What are the chances that Eli is on the cover of the Colts program like Peyton was on the Giants’ home one back in 2006?

Week 3
Sept. 26, 1 p.m., Ch. 2
vs. Tennessee

Does Kiwi hold on to VY when the game is on the line?  Kerry Collins is welcomed back to the stadium with widespread indifference.

Week 4
Oct. 3, 8:20 p.m., Ch. 4
vs. Chicago (Sunday Night Football)

Chicago is one of those teams thats hard to read.  Does the half decent Cutler show up this season or the horrid version of a fat kid that played last year…GiantSpeculation can now revel in calling that one in a AC hotel room.

Week 5
Oct. 10, 1 p.m., Ch. 5
at Houston

The forever 8-8 Texans.  I will personally always hate this team because as a young collegian I remember being this franchise’s first ever win in 2002. Herman Moore was a Giant at the time. Rough.

Week 6
Oct. 17, 1 p.m., Ch. 5
vs. Detroit

Is there a chance the Lions are decent? Sure. This is the NFL. However, it’s unlikely.  I’m sure I’ll talk alot of smack this week about this one being a gimme… and the Lions will somehow win.

Week 7
Oct. 25, 8:30 p.m., ESPN
at Dallas

The first NFC East game. Primetime yet again.  We all know what to expect here.  A bitter Jerry Jones and hopefully Justin Tuck stealing Romo’s girl.  This year Eli leaves an upper decker in the can instead of an autograph.

Week 8

Eli goes to Cancun.  Called out by the media for not loving the game.

Week 9
Nov. 7, 4:05 p.m., Ch. 5
at Seattle

Pete Carrol’s return to the league should be interesting.  I always thought he was an decent coach at the NFL level that really never got a chance.  Lets face it, the Jets could have done worse back in the day.

Read More…

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Peanut butter draft time!

The week of the NFL draft has finally arrived after months of waiting and refreshing the expert’s mock drafts (version 25A) to see their infinite wisdom.  Of course, the draft is three days away and Gmen fans aren’t any more sure of what is to become of the 15th pick.  A couple interesting articles:

  • Ohm Youngmisuk makes the case for Sean Weatherspoon as the 15th pick.  Though this might be a reach, I commend Ohm for not changing his name to John when entering the country like many a chinaman.  I’m looking at you ‘Billy’ Ching.
  • ESPN bloggers take on the draft – Mike Iupati Guard to the Gmen.  Good lord, lets hope these guys are wrong.
  • Mike Lombardi says‘If the Giants draft DE Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida, which is possible, they’ll get calls on Osi Umenyiora — and I hear if the deal is right, they’ll make a deal. Umenyiora can be had for the right price.’

As for the last item from Mike Lombardi, one can almost mark it down for not happening simply because Lombardi is reporting it.  He seems to latch onto every rumor like a blind man with darts..eventually he will hit the board.  I can’t see this happening simply because Osi is a relatively cheap player this season.

Why would the Giants trade him in a year where he’s playing for bargain money and is a big part of the pass rush?  Is a raw prospect going to replace Osi’s production?  If our experiments with Kiwi and Sintim show us anything…certainly not.  It takes time.  If this happens, I would say that this makes us a weaker team for the coming season.  I do not think that Osi is done as a player; and at his salary and possible production, the Giants should take a page from the Bungles book and make a disgruntled player play.

In other news, several of you loyal Giants fans probably got the email from the Gmen asking you to use that extra $30 grand you have lying around for club seats in the new stadium.  This video is kind of cool, though it’s filled with spots in the stadium that most of us will never see.   However, you better OWN IT like the team demands.  Because we all know what happens when you don’t own it….

The fact that you can’t OWN IT makes you even weaker than we all already think you are!

I’m extreeeemely dumbfounded.  Grillo!

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I’ll Take TheRapist for 50 Sacks a Year?


My friend is a die-hard Steelers fan and we were recently discussing whether or not Pittsburgh should suspend or trade Big Ben given his penchant for assaulting bitches. He is truly questioning whether he can remain a Steelers fan with this bufoon at the helm.

So this made me question what the Giants would do in the same situation. The Steelers and Giants are sister organizations in many ways. Both are old school teams who are proud of their traditions. The two teams even share blood at this point. The fruit of this union being the angelic Kate Mara.

If the Giants were in same situation and Eli couldn’t keep his d in his p what would they do. This is hard to imagine considering Eli is possibly asexual and a model monogamist (so far) but both are young, talented Super Bowl winning QBs who are difficult to replace. I would hope the Giants are classy enough to make the hard decision and part ways with such a disgrace. But I don’t envy the Steelers and their fans for this difficult decision.

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Incredibly Late Draft Needs

Reese ponders world domination drafting the next star

With the draft just nine days away, there’s a small bit of excitement building within my soul for some pseudo football related activity. Sure, most of it is just watching clips of college players with the background voice of Mel Kiper regaling you with stats and his useless opinion.  But in this barren sportscape, where basketball is in the pre playoff phase and baseball is in the no-one-cares phase, I’ll take what I can get.  Of course, alot of baseball season is short of caring, as Bud Selig well knows.  Since I take the stance of mocking those who mock the draft, I’ve taken time from my daily routine of blaming the government for my problems and ogling the girls of the Sears catalog to bring to the internet, for the 546th time, draft needs for the G-men.


On Roster:

Blackburn, Chase
Goff, Jonathan
DeOssie, Zak

This is the most obvious hole on the team and sure to be a priority on draft day since there doesn’t seem to be the trade market for any MLB that is being explored.  The interesting thing is if Rolando McClain is no longer on the board when the Giants are up at 15 in the first round.  There really doesn’t seem to be another inside LB prospect that would be worth the 15th pick, so I could see the Giants going elsewhere with the first rounder if McClain gone.  I think it’s almost a slam dunk the Giants take the most famous person with Crohns disease since Ike Eisenhower if he’s on the board when they are up. If not, they might go for Brandon Spikes or Sean Lee down the line.  JR has shown he’s not afraid to take LB’s in later rounds, shown here with our recent LB picks. 
Not much positive to say about the current group on the roster.  Blackburn and Goff are the only two serious contenders for the job and neither is going to give you the comfort of even a rookie starting.  MLB is the most talent starved part of the team.

Target round: 1 – Round 3 at the latest…perhaps taking more than one


On Roster:

Beatty, William
Bender, Jacob
Diehl, David
Koets, Adam
McKenzie, Kareem
Riley, Rueben
Taylor, Herb
Whimper, Guy

This is an interesting position as there is a reason to think there will be shuffle in the unit for the first time in a while.  The prevailing thought seems to be Diehl will move inside to G and last years pick William Beatty will be looking at a shot at starting.  Kareem and Guy Whimper are the two other definites at this position. Outside of that, Adam Koets continues to lag behind the dreaded learning curve and Whimper has been ok in spot duty.  The other guys seem to be warm bodies for depth.  Getting a fresh talented player here will provide some youth and competition for the future.  It will be interesting to see if the Giants choose a OT in the first or second round; it will go a long way in indicating how the organization feels about Beatty’s ability to be ‘the guy’ at OT long term.

Target Round: 3rd – 4th


On Roster:

Anderson, Vince
Brown, Courtney
Johnson, Bruce
Johnson, D.J.
Ross, Aaron
Thomas, Terrell
Webster, Corey

This seems like a good position with C.Webb and T.Thomas backed up by Aaron Ross and the ever emerging Bruce Johnson.  The Gmen parted ways with Kevin Dockery, which shows you how volatile the life of a NFL CB can be.  One second your winning the SB and playing well, the next thing an undrafted rookie from Miami is rendering you inactive.  It looks at this point that some extra competition here would be a plus, with Aaron Ross’ long term health also in question.  We’ve heard past camp rumblings about Vince Anderson  but its all speculation.  Ross’ health plus questionable depth after the top 2 make this position interesting.

Target round: 2nd


Hill, Tommie
Kiwanuka, Mathias
Tollefson, Dave
Tuck, Justin
Umenyiora, Osi

With Osi being questionable in his dedication to being a stud, Justin Tuck is the only dependable DE on the roster.  Kiwi has been improving steadily, however he is not the impact player yet that he has been expected to be.  The team has to hope he will continue to improve from last years playing experience.  Outside of these top three guys, Dave Tollefson is what he is, which is a white hustle player who is of course intelligent.  A raw ‘athelete’ type player would be interesting to see here if taken later in the draft.  There has been talk of the Giants addressing this position early if a value is on the board.

Target round: 2nd – 3rd


On Roster:

Bradshaw, Ahmad
Brown, Andre
Jacobs, Brandon
Johnson, Gartrell
Ware, DJ

Most of my rambling thoughts on the RB situation is covered here.  Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw were injured most of the year last year, and combined with the below standard play of the line and some questionable play calls, didn’t get the production that resulted in two 1000 yard backs in 2008.  Other than these two, both of who I expect to rebound this coming season, the rest of the backs are full of questions.  Andre Brown is promising while Gartrell and DJ Ware can’t be any type of long term solution.  With the injuries and light depth, expect the Gmen to go RB at some point. Wouldn’t be shocked if they jumped on a talented back early if they are a value.

Target Round: 4th-5th 


On Roster:

Boley, Michael
Ingram, Kenny
Kehl, Bryan
Sintim, Clint
Wilkinson, Gerris

The outside linebackers, a unit that has yet to rediscover the type of impact player that Kawika Mitchell was during the SB run of 2007, looks set with some young athletic players.  Projected starters are Boley and Sintim with Kehl being the primary backup.  Wilkinson is another potential player to push for a primary backup/starter role, but as we all know, his body is made of fine china.  Ingram from Florida State seems to be a ‘body’ as of this point.  Though the team looks athletic in this area, it’s still unproven as Boley has never produced as a Giant and Sintim is still raw.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see a later pick in this area. PSU’s Navarro Bowman, I’m looking at you…Yup I’m a homer.

Target round: 4th -6th

Bonus wierd news of the day:

Win a date with Jeremy Shockey….ladies, get focused.  Jay, feel free to throw your hat in the ring.

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